Stop the Rape

Stop the Rape

At the cool of the evening she walked right in at your invite. So pretty that you could barely get ur eyes off her, you could feel her innocency and pure heart as she walks towards you.

Good evening Friend; she greeted as she gives a smile of trust at your words that nothing would happen, for her trust in you grew like the mangroves on the seashore.
In the mid of talks, there arose the lust you’ve nurtured in your evil heart as the devil’s minister of wickedness.

Care for a drink? you asked with a smile against your intentions.
Yes please; she replied, as she awaits a chilled water from her dear friend.
There you go; you said, as she takes the cup of water from you and gulped it all down her system.

Minutes later she’s feeling weird, as she looses strength and energy, yet she could feel her undies being taken off.
In pains, she could barely cry aloud as the tears flows down her cheek, she tries to fight off, but her strength failed her.

Finally you’ve had her on your bed, as sweet as orange. But you just ruined her reputation, you’ve given her a new nightmare she’ll never escape from.
A burden that’s too heavy to tell, but it eats her up daily like AIDS.

Depression stepped into her bosom, she couldn’t bare it anymore, as the incident keeps refreshing in her day by day, and the option came, as she couldn’t think twice. SUICIDE!!!
But Grace found her, she could still hang on, knowing justice shall prevail even in silence!!!



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