ORDO AB CHAO (Order Comes from Chaos)

ORDO AB CHAO (Order Comes from Chaos)

Peace is a product of War. You would have seen conflict before you would need peace

Christmas Eve, 2068.

The day was hot and sweltering even as the last planes departed Africa with the survivor- refugees, to re-inhabit Shanghai, New York, London, Milan and other cities that had been desolate and uninhabitated for about thirty years since when the viral pandemic hit the world.

In New York, the last team of Ultra 212-chloroBuax furmigators (the WHO trained, equipped and financed team of viral detoxifiers) called The Cleaners were already packing up and ready to come home, having been out for three months on the fields, working hard to flush out the remains of the virus in these desolate cities and make them habitable again.
Mani Bassey, the Nigerian born, Rwandan trained rehabilitative health agent is part of the team. New York is his last ops before flying back to Uyo City to be with his family for Christmas.

Since the last Morph that wiped out most of the cities of the world, about thirty years ago- beginning from 2037- the world has changed drastically, Africa has miraculoisly become the centre- piece of the scramble to safety.
Australia and Antarctica are also safe areas, but these regions has enacted travel bans with stiff imigrant sanctions and unimpregnable border security systems.
So the whole world turned to Africa.

Europe came in first.
At the begining of the century, Europe made stiff anti-imigration policies, targeted at discouraging immigration from Africa and The Middle East. As fate would have it, same European countries were on the diplomatic table pleading to be let into Africa, about a decade later.
The Americans too came in their numbers with juicy offers of economic shapers, and modernity. The Exodus back to Africa saw millions flocked into Africa from all quarters and routes- land, air and sea.

The system of quarantine and disease control by African countries was weak and ineffective until Nigeria came in with a solution, utilizing natural climatic barriers in it’s approach. Research sequences from the African Corona- genome project started in Nigeria had revealed that the Corona virus was easily killed by heat. Nigeria, with it’s common sense idealogy- knowing that the virus would be nearly asceptic and non- replicative in a hot tropical climate, utilizing the natural barrier of the Saharan desert as a safe passage into the country.

All international flights were grounded and trans- border sea-travel banned. The only route- in was a road trip across the Sahara’s through Niger and Chad.
Seeing the efficacy of the travel quarantine programme, other West African countries immediately adopted same methodology.
This climatic control was so effective in eliminating the viral load as immigrants rode for fifteen hours through the Sahara and Namib into interior Africa.

To proceed to the end, we have to get back to the beginning.

The conditions that led humanity to a point of losing 2/3 of it’s population, in just over ‘a-half-of-a-century’, will never be forgotten in a giffy. The lessons learnt also will never be lost or kept secret from the next generation.
We must keep learning about the human condition- the flaw of greed, manipulation and power-play that forced humanity to it’s knees

It all began in 2014, when the Corona virus, whose infection caused flu-like symptoms was first sequenced. The Avian Bird Flu Virus, also gained popularity on this same period.
The corona at first was a weak, non- epidemic-causing virus that the world paid no heed to. Before long, the first weak strain naturally occurring in China had developed some form of resistance from regular antibiotics.
But this did not bother the world and nobody saw apocalypse coming.

History has it that in 2019, a certain laboratory re-engineered Corona Virus, the CoVir-19 was released as a biological weapon by a certain American lab based in the mountains of Ottawa, in Canada.

This was supposed to be used as a biological scare- weapon against former third world countries which had grown strong enough to pose either military or economic threats to the world power of those decades, the USA. The other reason was to exploit these regions through the western cure-syndrome of marketing US pharmacueticals.

In the fall of 2019, after spates of Iranian trained militia engaged and seriously interfered in the Syrian straits- American military affair; America bombed and killed an Iranian War general, to the chagrin and condemnation of the world. Though Iran mounted a weak counter, rumours from espionage lines was having it that Iran was intensifying lethal radioactive protocols. In simple words, Iran had acquired nearly all the nuke war- heads and missile atomizers from the black market.

About the same time, China had drawn a unilateral “trade- deuce” against America, thua posing the greatest threat to the economics of World Control.
While America was calling bluffs through its diplomatic counts, a plan was hatched from the White House, to douse and dilute the energies of these rising super powers.
As China and Iran became the recurrent decimals of discussion on the White House roundtable, the model for a biological attack was developed, extensively discussed, albeit closed doors and beurecratic secrecy.

The plan was perfected and points-of-contact established.
In the first phase of execution, the Chinese city of Wuhan was chosen as Launch-point 1.
Wuhan rumoured for weird feeding habits, eating unimaginable and abominable creature on the earth- bats, rats, mice, lizards, snakes, worms etc, and having a history of being the breakforth point of few unknown animal diseases had all the credentials typical of a breakforth point for a viral strain as strong as the CoVir-19. Afterall, the original CoronaVirus was first discovered there.

In late November, the first seed- vials of this lab- re-engineered CoronaV were planted in Wuhan.
From here, the virus which was later named CoVir-19 spread it’s contagion to the rest of the world.
Apart from experimenting on one or two top political figures in Iran, like the Vice President and another Iranian Minister of war, there was no time to deliver the package to Iran, as the Wuhan deliveries spread like a wild fire across the world

The epidemic infection level knew no local radius- as the next few weeks saw Chinese who had traveled back home from the abroad for the Chinese New Year, return back to their bases in various countries of the world. As they went, the Wuhan disease went with them and before mid-2020, a global epidemic level had been reached.
China went down first with their blooming economy.
The American aim was achieved but the global spread of the CoVir-19 could not be curbed.

Italy went down next. ACMilan, an Italian Serie A football team lost six of it’s best players to the virus in the first two months Milan was hit by the virus.

By the time the first treatment module had arrived from America in September 2020, the virus had started trans-mutating into stronger strains at a speed of almost a Morph-per-year.
As the strains ‘Morphed’ the disease became more severe, virulent, unpredictable and embellished with mystical qualities.

Chinese intel eventually found out and openly accused America. Even when America denied, the hush-talk was heard and kept in intelligentsia discuss, world over:
“America had created a monster it couldn’t contain.
In 2037 while WHO and other global healthcare providers had almost exterminated the Corona and the world was sighing from the momentous psychological relieve, the most severe and unpredictable strain Morph of the virus, CoVid-37 hit the world and left the most devastating effect on humanity.

The Morph which was a resultant of a CoVir-23 infected man from America infecting an already treated CoVir-21 lady from Milan. This gave birth to the worst form of the Corona relapse strain, the CoVir-37 which had mummified and mystical symptoms as well as a virulence-level such that has never been experienced of any other disease in the world.
In 5 days, CoVir-37 had turned 80% of Italian city dwellers to mummies.
Carnivorous and self- eating habits became the main display of infected patients.

By early 2038, the virus had over-run the whole of Europe and the Americas.
Like other Morph strains before it,
Covir-37 was not easily trasmitable in hot tropical climate- thus making Africa the safest continent to stay. Thus began the Exodus that brought the whole world to Africa.
It has been 31 years eversince and the world has never been the same. New World Orders have been formed. America, Britain, Russia, France and Germany had since lost their prime spots in the comity of Nations.

Dubai, on gaining independence from the UAE in 2050 had since assumed World Power status and gone ahead to build super-virtual transport systems, teleportation axiems and nanotech clusters.
Nigeria now sits besides Dubai, as the second most habitable place on Earth.The widespread corruption that had plagued exponential development in the acclaimed largest black Nation of the world had long been laid to rest with capital punishment ascribed to even the least forms of corruption.

The Black American immigrants who collectively chosed Nigeria as their “country- of- refuge” also came with their technology, spinning every wheel of human and capital development. Rwanda, South Africa, Egypt, Ghana and Liberia are now leading world economies. Eventually, Africa reclaimed it’s centre.

But this was not the end.
In 2051, native South Africa killed over a half a million european immigrants resident in their country. This extreme act of xenophobia sparked world outrage.

©Anny J. u’Dofia-itibe
To be continued…

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