Loving the Playboy 4

Loving the Playboy 4

Two weeks had passed since Crystal came home and she was still confused about what to do. She was very eager to become the editor she has always wanted to be but she knew that the extra knowledge she would get during her editing program was also important.

She decided to go on her knees and say a short prayer for guidance.

“father lord, I thank you for your grace and mercy on my life. Thank you for being faithful even in the face of my unfaithfulness. Lord I pray that you help me and guide me through every step of my life, help me to know what to do and the right place to go, Amen”.

After saying this prayer, she felt like she knew exactly what to do and wondered why she kept from praying for guidance till now. With what to do on her mind, she went downstairs to help her mum make dinner.

After dinner she faced her parents “dad, mum I have thought very carefully about my next line of action and I have decided to look for a job as an editor in a newspaper house, from there I can get the experience I need to work in a publishing house instead of going for another editing program again” she finished looking hopefully at her parents.

“anything you decide is okay, we will support you through any decision” her dad said holding her mum’s hand as they both gave her a proud smile.

“Thanks dad” crystal said as she stood up and hugged them. After bidding them a good night she skipped happily to her room planning to start her job search the next day.

Crystal woke up the next morning and wondered why she was feeling so excited..

Oh yeah
She remembered, her job search begins today… After saying her morning prayers and reading her bible, she got into the shower. The next thing on her mind was breakfast. She went down thinking of what to fix for herself since her both parents had already left for work.

With a full stomach she settled down on the couch with her laptop and began browsing through available job vacancies.

By the end of the day she had sent out an application to about fifteen different newspaper houses and publishing companies both in Lagos and in Abuja. Satisfied with her progress, she shut her laptop and went to make dinner.

A week later, Crystal had not yet gotten any response for the application letters she sent and was already starting to lose hope when she saw a strange email in her mail box. After watching it warily for a minute she clicked it open and hurriedly scanned through it. She let out a surprised yelp and then proceeded to do a happy dance around the room.

She had been asked to resume work as an editor in a publishing house in Victoria island Lagos with a very comfortable salary.

Today was going great afterall she thought as she happily went downstairs to share the news with her parents.

“Dad guess what” she said as she literally danced around the living room.

Her dad looked up from the book in his hand wondering what was going on “Crystal you know am not good at guessing, just tell me”

“oh dad, you’re no fun at all” Crystal fake groaned before happily continuing “I got a job” she screamed

“oh dear, that’s wonderful…we are so proud of you” her dad said hugging her alongside her mum

“I will miss you guys a lot” Crystal said suddenly feeling a bit sad to leave home

“don’t worry dear we will call you every chance we get plus you can always come home when your free” her mum tried to cheer her up

“Thanks mum, dad….for everything”

“your welcome dear, we will be praying for you” her parents replied together

Crystal nodded, “let me go get ready then”

As soon as Crystal got to her room, she flopped down on the bed and thanked God for her new job. She then called kelly…

“hey kells, xup”
“am good dear”
“okay I’ve got gist for you”
“really?? Are you engaged”
Crystal laughed “engaged ke, you and this your silly romantic ideas, anyways, I got the job”
“Wow!! Seriously Crys that’s wonderful” Kells sreeched loudly
“thanks for your help, you’ve helped me a lot. I wouldn’t have gotten it without your recommendation”
Kells laughed “its okay…enjoy and don’t forget to call me”
“I will, take care…”
“yeah bye”

Crystal got up from the bed and started packing her stuffs feeling as if her heart would burst out with joy. It all seemed too good to be through.


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