Loving the Playboy 1&2


Crystal couldn’t believe it, she had barely two months left and she would officially be a graduate. It seemed too good to be true. Four years had passed in the blink of an eye.
Four years of assignments, endless quiz, exams preparation, presentation e.t.c was about to end.

She had her defence coming up in two weeks and felt prepared already. She just kept going through her project to gain extra confidence because to her, defence was really a huge deal.

Getting a low grade in your defence had the capacity to reduce your CGPA drastically and as such it was not to be taken lightly.

Crystal was a pretty sight to behold. She was chocolate in complexion with an average height. She had pointed nose with an oval face. She had a very great figure with curves and flesh in all the right places. She, had her own fair share of guys trailing after her though she never gave them a second glance.

She came from an average family who could meet only her necessary needs. In her family it was almost an unsaid policy that anything not terribly needed would not be bought but she couldn’t fault her parents because she knew they were doing their best for her.

Her family was a Christian one and they made sure that God was a part of her everyday life. Crystal had been taught about the place of God’s will in her life right from time. She was told that the will of God came first in all areas of her life and before she makes any important decision, she should ask the lord for his will. And she had been doing that up till this point in her life. Her career choice as an English major was part of God’s plan, her degree program in University of Nigeria, Nsukka was also in his plan and Crystal was very determined to continue putting God in the forefront of her life. Especially in the choice of a hubby because making a mistake in her choice would break her emotionally. The thought alone of ending up with the wrong person gave her goosebumps.

Kelly was her only best friend as she wasn’t really a social person and she loved her fiercely. At first crystal was reluctant to be friends with Kelly due to her outgoing and bubbling nature but she came to love that part of her over the years.

Crystal is basically a book worm. She was in the library with her friend whom she dragged there to prepare for their upcoming defence.

Kelly yawned for the tenth time since they came there “Crys cant we just go home? Am sooo tired”

Crystal smiled, that was typical Kelly talking. She was ready for anything other than studying but she still managed to get good grades

“Kells please lets just study for thirty more minutes okay? I will get you ice cream on our way home” Crystal said giving her a pleading look

“okay okay fine, but its just because of that ice cream o” Kells replied half-smiling

“thanks love” Crystal smiled as they got back to studying.


The alarm gave a loud shrilling sound. Crystal groaned and burrowed further under the covers grumbling something about getting her morning sleep only for her to sit up straight some minutes later..

Oh crap

She had forgotten that today was the day of her project defence. She suddenly felt very nervous. After saying a short prayer, she scrambled out of the bed and hopped into the bathroom for a quick shower.

She hurriedly dressed in a light purple suit with black flats, her braids were held up in the middle of her head and her make up lightly done.
Satisfied with her appearance, she hurried out and hailed a taxi giving him directions to the campus.

Her palms were already sweaty by the time she got to school and she tried very hard to get herself together as she made her way over to the waiting room besides the hall that was to be used for the defence.

As soon as her best friend kelly saw her, she sprinted to her side ”hey babe, your ready right?” she asked as she walked beside her

”sure I am but that dosen’t stop me from being extremely nervous, can’t wait to do it and put it behind me” she replied with a serious look on her face.

Kelly laughed “me too, but u will do just fine.. Remember presentation has never been our problem and this is kinda similar to it” kelly reassured her friend with an amused look on her face.

Crystal looked at her best friend of four years and felt very grateful, they’ve really come a long way together. Since they stumbled into each other in their freshmen year, they have been inseparable. Despite the twist and turns of university life, they stood together and have grown to greatly love each other.

She would really miss her after they graduated even though they will always  keep in touch.
Snapping out of her thoughts, Crystal realised that the professors were already seated and had started calling the names of students to come in individually and defend the project they had spent months writing.

A lot of students including Kelly had been called in and it was almost her turn, Crystal smoothened down the edges of her skirt nervously and stood up with a start as she heard her name..

“Crystal Jason” a voice boomed over the speakers. She turned and hugged her best friend

“goodluck” kelly whispered

Crystal hurried into the hall on shaky legs as she prayed for strength and favour. The professors sitting on the stage looked very terrifying and that only helped to intensify the cramps in her stomach.

She carefully set her laptop down and opened the power point file she had prepared for the defence.

“Miss Jason” a female professor spoke over the microphone “can you please start by stating your name as well as the topic of your project”

Crystal licked her lips nervously as she answered in a surprisingly calm voice “am Crystal Jason and my project topic is… The effectiveness of  creative writing in stimulating the mind”.

Just like that question after question was thrown at her for the next thirty minutes.

Although she was sweating profusely as she made her way out of the hall, she had a triumphant smile on her face and hurried towards her best friend who engulfed her in a big hug…

“congratulations hon, you did it” kelly remarked with a huge smile on her face

“thanks Kells, congratulations to you too, am so glad its finally over” Crystal said equally smiling.

“In my opinion this calls for celebration” Kelly screamed as she half-dragged her to the nearest restaurant.

Crystal smiled as she shook her head, her bestfriend had always been the outspoken and very social one between the two of them and this was one of the reasons she was glad to have her as she clearly sucked at such things.


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