How to make Sanitizer at Home

How to make Sanitizer at Home

So much have been said about the pandemic of Coronavirus which has hits the globe, disrupt businesses and hindered movement of people from one place to the other. There are so many guidelines from World Health Organization (WHO) and Nigeria Centre for Disease Control(NCDC) on how to curb the spread of the Coronovirus. In the face of this, there has been remarkable increase in the prices of basic essentials including hand sanitizers prices which is an important requirement for keeping safe at this period.

Here comes the good news, you can still stay home and produce some alcohol-based hand sanitizer at a very affordable cost. To proceed, find the list of items needed

  1. Moko Spirit (this has 95% alcohol)
  2. Glycerine
  3. Hydrogen Peroxyl
  4. Aloe Vera Gel

What are the steps for preparing your homemade hand sanitizer?

Get a clean container i.e bottle water container etc. Pour a bottle of Moko Spirit (You can use more depending on the quantity that you want. Put a table spoon of glycerine and hydrogen peroxyl each. Then add two cups of water. These quantities are basic and can be increased depending on what quantity you desire. Then add the aloevera gel or any other fragrance of your choice and then shake vigorously. Pour in medium sized containers for your use. These steps save you lots of money, time and stress.

Stay Home and Stay Safe

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