Her Personality 🖤 🖤

Her Personality 🖤 🖤

Not every lady want to be a queen that would be pampered by a man or been boss around or just a full house wife.

When we talk about BELLA BENSON, I think I would define her with those qualifications a young lady who no one messes around with.

She owns the Benson’s Company which she runs after her father retired and ask her to manage his property for a while.

She got alot of enemies in the company because no one want a Female as their boss but she doesn’t give a damn.

She live a luxury life in her big mansion based at the biggest city in USA, New York.

Apart from been the acting owner of Benson’s company, she is the only heir.

If you are to define beautiful just mention Janet Benson and case is closed. She is an epitome of beauty that every man would go on his knees to have her.

But she never pay attention to them, all she does is pay a guy money to sleep with her then the next morning they leave before she even wake up because that the deal.

Now let describe her beauty, Janet should be twenty plus with her look her black thick hair that fall freely to her tiny waist was too curly, she has a little tattoo on her arm but she often wear a shirt so it wasn’t obvious.

She had the tattoos when she was in her high school and was really scolded by her parent but our badass doesn’t care.

Unlike Morgan Collins, her best friend they are completely opposite but they were still able tolerate each other.

They’ve been best friend since childhood and I think she is the only one that knows why Janet grew up to be a really mean lady.

Morgan, stays with Janet in her house and also work help her run her business as her assistant.

Now the company at Paris is crumbling and she need to go attend to it according to what Mr. Benson order her to do since they already took her has their daughter too.

Janet was hurt that her best friend is leaving her even though her dad suggested Morgan become the CEO of his company at Paris.

Now she would need a new assistant that must have the same qualifications as Morgan and that would be really hard because things would get worst since Morgan isn’t around to caution her.

What would happen
Would Janet ever change?
What type of enemy do Janet have?
Who is ready for another thrilling story.
This is going to be the best of best so don’t miss any part.
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