Girl Not Shy

Once upon a time; There lived a girl whose esteem,cost no dime; She hated her gender; And physique, ‘too tender’; ‘If I were a boy,I would come first place you know?’; ‘But I’m restricted to second,left to make do with down there below’; Once upon a time; Was a teen who called ‘femininity’ a crime; She cried every morning when the alarm clock chimed; Going to school is despicable; Being insulted by boys isn’t pleasurable; Once upon a time; This teenager felt like grime; So ashamed of herself,and this growing lumps; Then came a great idea,so her chest would never thump; Tissue and glue,should hold down the pump; Once upon a time; Her life was no longer a mime; With sweaters so comfy,and tissues so safe; No more clutching of arms around her chest when she’s with Dave; Once upon a time; Her face got covered with lime; The zits had sprouted; Her esteem thus stunted; Once upon a time; She felt so sublime; But life felt utmostly fair; A speech was she to present,on love and care; She spoke her heart out; ‘This is my moment,no time to pout’; Then came a loud laughter and whistle; The class bully yelled ‘Miss geeky,pick up your tissue’; Once upon a time.; Miss geeky realized ‘this is my prime’; Maybe I’m not yet a woman; But I’m a wonderful human; A fresh young caterpillar am I. A mature beautiful butterfly is nigh; I choose not to become bitter; Like a sow who lost her litter; I am a Girl; Whose worth exceeds a pearl; I am amazing. I’m strong and sprouting; Once upon a time; She realized this,and never remained the same; A world class mogul she became; Then came a reporter to interview her; ‘What’s your secret to success thou great ruler?’; Whilst smiling,she gave a reply; I am a girl not shy;

One thought on “Girl Not Shy” by I am Elizah (@Elizah)

  1. kaypols (@kaypols)

    this reminds me of want I went through as a teenager, it a process, I think it happens to all girls till they eventually accept their new self which is adulthood

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