The Third Eye

The Third Eye

The third eye sees it again
I am the third eye. I roam and see what you cannot see. I see through people, their minds and their hearts. I see their thoughts, I perceive their emotions and their motives. I see the reasons for their actions and the dark, filthy intents they set in motion. I am the third eye, I belong to no human. I see yet I cannot be seen. I am the third eye, I see better than you can.
I saw it all. Yes, I was there when the young Dr. Martin, a University Lecturer, was found dead in his office. The old woman who discovered him was a cleaner in his office Block. For three days, she had wanted to clean the office but had always found it locked. Since Dr. Martin was with the key the last time she saw him she hadn’t thought much of it. Until today, when a queer smell hovered around the door of his office, a smell that became so strong, it threatened to suffocate her every time she passed it. Finally deciding to investigate what the source of that smell was, she got the spare key from the Office administrator. The smell got nastier as she opened the door…and what she saw made her let out a blood-curling scream…
Yes, I saw what she saw. Dr. Martin was a grotusque lump on his table. Two bullet holes were in his head. His tongue was sticking out and had begun to take a whitish colour. His eyes had rolled back and there were no irises, just a pale white mass. Blood was splattered every where…it had dried and was now a purplish, thin, caky layer on the table and the books, files and gun that lay on it. The old Cleaner’s scream attracted people and soon there was a small crowd gathered at the office. She was taken away, for she looked pale and thoroughly shaken. The paramedics were called in and they carried the corpse away. The people in the crowd were bewildered. How did he die? Someone mentioned that a gun had been discovered on his table. So, it was a case of suicide then. Oh, Dr. Martin was such a bright, promising young man…for whatever reason would he have killed himself? What had been the matter with him? What a fate… dieing in his own office! The questions and comments went on and on. Lost in their beffuldement, they didn’t see me, the third eye. They didn’t know that I’d seen it all and could give them answers to the questions caused by this death…
Neither did they see the bearded man who, looking shocked like every other person, crept away from the crowd furtively, locked himself in the toilet and spoke into his phone.
” He’s been discovered” He breathed out.
“Good” the other person on the line responded. ” I hope they saw the gun too?”
“Yes. They all think it’s a suicide”
“Great. Our job’s done then.”
I am the third eye…and I saw it all.

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