I Miss You

I Miss You

Love at first sight kept me awake all night longing to see u at all times.
My knees are wounded as I pray each day without a reward to my faith at my closet.
The beauty of the sun radiates at your face glowing like the diamonds of many colors sparkling white.
Amazing is the word I hold on my fallen lips to my muse I can’t withhold my resilience.
An outcry in my soul, as I have missed the mixture of our hands locking each other in context of the words spoken to our hearts.
In the heat of the cold, I shiver the breath which melts the ice at ur warmth embrace.
Long words tells not my heart’s intensity, neither do short words proffer margarine to my toasted bread. But your smile brings the intensity of margarine in my toasted bread like a wood in the mouth of the pecker as I long to see you again someday, somewhere, somehow!!!

I Love You!!!

One thought on “I Miss You” by Edward Benedict A (@bencazyed)

  1. Really amazing piece. Keep inking bro.

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