I lived in an era

I lived in an era

Black man thinking and contemplating conceptn

I lived in an era

When I am old and Gray
Wrinkled and all frail
And my words come out in trembling echoes
My wards a warm huddle
That flank Around my hoary soul
What will I tell them?
What will I say?

Will I tell them
I once lived in an era
Where my ears were inundated with lovetalks,
But hatred that floods the streets, gory my sight ?
That strange seeds sprouted up from terrible soils;
Grew like wildfire and
Razed down the vestige Of principles all round our cities and towns;
In those days, Ill-bred children buttered our days with painful migraines?

That everybody wanted to skip crawling,in those days
And dashed to walking like flies to sweet;
Nobody walked in those days –
That they were always in a haste ,and
Patience was a curse ;
Not a virtue , or a treasure in those rushy hours…
and when we looked up to the TV screen
Instead of comfort , its reflection
compounded our woes ,and  set our heart in palpitating motion
For they flaunted fast and faux life
As the only way to thrive and shine ?

Will I say
I lived in an era where Gold time is the best?
Because they all thought the slow tickling God’s blessing clock was no more working..
Where it’s blood for benzes
And tears for cash?
Where plenty of love songs lifted lofty trophies,
But our streets were litters of crushed spirits?
Will I say

I lived in an era, where the meagre needs
Of the working,but struggling poor ,
Were debated in endless circles
But our overfed glutton-lords who lived flourishly
On saying His and nays had theirs
swiftly passed at a single sitting ?
Those days when our leaders are abreast
With sucking our nation milk and honey .
Because it was only yourself , thyself , oneself,
Before ‘other are served’ in those days ?

That we dreamed of peace enthusiastically in those days ,
On our hope-filled reclinnng chairs of roses,
Only to be jolted up to scary night mares
On thorn-filled stools!
Will I say
I lived in an era ,where you didn’t know
What tomorrow will bring
Even when you sent today a clear message ?

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