Black Girl, you’re more Beautiful than you think

Dear black girl,

Your African skin is a rare gem to behold,
With depth and richness of melanin it bears.
Those who have seen you in person can testify of your stunning ebony beauty,
So be comfortable in wearing your black skin.
You are different and way more beautiful than you can imagine.

You think you are hard to love.
You think people don’t like you much, right?
No! They like you, but they don’t understand you.

People always choose simple things over complicated ones.
They are used to the white girl with skinny legs and skinnier belly,
The girl with a fictional book in her hand and rhythm in her feet,
The one who eat chocolates and wear red tank tops,
The girl with the softest voice, white hair and pink lips.

So when they see a girl like you,
Who is not in a figure they call perfect,
Who loves to read books and never learnt to dance,
Who speaks her native language and wears black t-shirts,
Who has bold voice, black hair and dark brown lips,
The girls like you,
Who comes without a guidebook.

Trust me,
When they say, “You are complicated”
What they mean is,
You are a beautiful puzzle but they don’t know where which piece fit,
You are an amazing book but they are afraid they’ll never complete reading it,
You’re the mystery,
They don’t know how to unfold.
You are not hard to love,
They are dumb enough,
Not to understand you.

It’s just that,
They expected you to be a poem,
But you turned out to be a crossword,
And that too the one,
They are unable to solve.

I hope that as you enjoy the different seasons in your live, you should learn that you are solely depressed by the world’s standard of beauty that you feel insignificant in this world.

Your skin whether fair or black or albino, I hope you embrace it wholly as yours and find the confidence to walk around with it.

It’s okay if you don’t have that comfortability now. But you will.
Remind yourself everyday that what you feel about you is more a powerful seed in your heart and conscience than what others feel about you.
And as you live with that mantra, hope to feel more and more beautiful as a person and most importantly as a woman.

From your black skin crush,


2 thoughts on “Black Girl, you’re more Beautiful than you think” by ETC (@Ezeobi)

  1. ZenPens (@ZenPens)

    It’s good to see people who tell stories about black people and our beauty.

  2. Abasiama E. Udom (@AneuPoet)

    Thank you EzeObi. This piece is an ode to us girls i feel loved and proud. β˜ΊπŸ™‹

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