wired to believe

wired to believe

Why do you believe what you believe?
WE Believe so many things without inquiring why we adopt that belief. Are we influenced by authorities, expert or institutions? Dover believe because we have recited from memory repeatedly .

We don’t need a belief that we are alive now .That is certain.
We do need to believe that we will be alive tomorrow or few hours from now. That is uncertain. Belief in this case becomes a means to predict the future

We realise that rain falls on the good and bad. The bad live long while the good die early. we begin to seek a reason. probably God is giving the bad more time this repent and wants the good not to turn bad. This gave rise to religion. Belief in this case becomes a means to understand life absurdity.

Good people should be rewarded. Bad people should be punished. This would create order. In reality, many good persons remain unrewarded, terrible persons are successful. This is unfair in our eyes. we create a- concept- an afterlife to ensure they don’t get punished. This is the origin of heaven, hell, reincarnation. Belief now becomes a means to create order and fairness.

We come into this world and meet rivers which existed years before our ancestors. This makes us curious. we do not how they come into existence ,we assume they were created by someone. we call that someone God. we believe as a way of making sence of our ignorance.

We do not know this “god” idea, so we project our assumption. This creator must be all powerful or all knowledgeable. If we are naturally fearful of authority, we fear the creator. If we love authority, we love the ” god” . Belief now becomes a projection of our assumption, thought and feeling.
It is not bad to believe. Belief can be useful in so many ways. Without the belief that we would live tomorrow, we may not save for the rainu day. Belief can also be disastrous. It leads to prejudice and violence.
We should try to find out our motive for accepting such belief. This way, we are not prisoners of our belief.

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