At the dawn of the new moon, the loud whisper rings it’s endless bells in my imaginations, whilst calmly I lay me down on a ship wreck behind the walls of my thoughts.
With my teeth at war with each other, loudly came the word; CHANGE, the voice I heard in my veins when I play with the fame in a plate of oil vested on a plain.
How sweet are it’s words, and how pleasant is the name, yet it’s the architect of things not yearned for by those who wait in hope yet are dashed out.
Turmoil in the heart of men as their ears are discouraged by the precept of those who inculcate the word of suffering painted with sweet savor into their mind.

CHANGE is constant, yet it’s consistency is in the negativity of the masses who risked their lives to see things become as the unusual everyday business.

CHANGE; an anthem to be sang when the need arises in deception by the lip singing of our leaders, just to rob us of our rights through Mammon in the light of poverty shinning brighter in a broad day light.

CHANGE; the infatuation which we beheld from afar like a diamond, yet it’s closeness is hazardous to the happiness of the masses in hope.

CHANGE; a message of hope to those who pray earnestly for it, yet the messenger is a wolf in sheep’s clothing waiting to devour in the weakness of those who listens to it’s call.

CHANGE; An object of equity, yet it’s masterminded by the chaos of our selfish interest of no profit.

Shall we then be enslaved knowing we have a call to answer in the times of havock, when our strength lies within our faith, neglecting our fate to those Vampires eager to Pierce our veins to inflict pains.
Let our Voices be heard, Let our supplications be known, Let our intellect be active, so we can make our nation a safe heaven for our generation!!!

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