We Are Students Not Slaves

We Are Students Not Slaves

We aren’t slaves forced to go to school

And get employed as civilized servants

With a pension too little to own the passion

To read the nights and right the days ahead.


We need to graduate with good grades

Not as frustrates’ with sticks of cigarettes

Under the hot weather like an angry welder

After praying for years, to have a good leader.


We are forced to learn the past of others

With poor syllabus in the name of education

Forced to fail in turn to face more disgrace

We’re tired of taking classes we can’t practice.


We are here clashing on the pew

With our mates learning while Standing

In the class under stampede

With students left-behind understanding.


Some are growing wild along the way

Their veins stream out pains in chains

My mind is so rich to undo the delays

But our strength lies in wait to prevail.


In dreams we toil to wake with the worst

As our father’s retired from service ending up

With crude tools in the village as farmers

Whose plans are buried in shallow graves.


We need sustainable skills not school slavery

We don’t need to die for our bad leaders

We don’t want to end up like our predecessors

We want to practice the best of our studies.


As I eat the bait to break the hook I remain,The Man With A Different Spirit.

©Abel-Iduom Caleb.

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