There Was A Country

There was a country
There was hope
It was a new leaf
A new dawn.
The children’s future were bright.
And brothers envisaged posterity.
Well, why wouldn’t it be?
Liberty, after calamity would only birth prosperity.
That vision wouldn’t become history.
For verily,
As the ghouls were cast out.
Demons arose!
Greedy, callous monsters.
With appetites mountains can’t satisfy.
Devouring their own lands.
And destroying their own people.
Swaggering with disjointed bellies.
A trademark of their theiving tendencies.
With their resources looted
The masses were booted.
To further divide them
Castes were created.
And thus, a new cry began.
As poverty became them
Calumny and oppression reigned in.
The Heroes of old
Had laboured in vain.
No more patriots
Only villains remain.
Youths turned on their elders.
They knew they were no better.
What happened to the pledge you made:

“To be faithful, loyal and honest?”

Now the mother tongue has changed
And Corruption: the new dialect.
There was a country
There was hope.
She was divinely made.
A beauty to behold.
Her Niger Benue necklace made her soil rich.
Her lands were ripe and treasure bound by the Almighty.
Filled with galant men, the very best of nubian genes.
Grasses carpeted and made her grounds green.
Games ranged and romed round her plains.
The sun kissed and caressed her loverly.
Hers sunrise magnificent
Her sunsets heavenly
But now she has aged and her glory days behind her.
Her lands impoverished and her children malnourished.
Where were the heroes?
Those who’d birth her with their blood
Gave her the honour of freedom.
Sacrificed their lives for her love.
Lo and behold!
Search high and search low
You shan’t find them, nigh
There’s none to uphold
Her lost honour and glory
So in desperation we cry out for salvation

Is their no messiah,
No one to change our story?
Who will save the nation,
Who will turn the tide?
Bring back our happy songs,
Restore our lost pride?

We wait
As the clock must turn.
Because the beautiful ones
Are still not yet born.

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