The Sad Side Of Love

The Sad Side Of Love

The Sad Side Of Love

I couldn’t help but feel the pleasure turning into pains, when I think of the memories burning in my brain, I had no choice but to slide back into my past to erase my fears.

Love lie indeed, after been seen as the intense feeling of deep affection, yet we trust only to be betrayed, went back in time only to see the lessons learnt by the question if love is humane.

Love is blind, yet walk proudly to steal the joy of many, some make sacrifices only to be killed with betrayal, oh! Why? Can my future ever be better than my past?

Love is a game they say, but no ref to umpire the unfair yet it seems fair to peer, we are into relationship only to live in the city of the lonely, we brake up only to tell the world our secret.

Fighting for love is more hurt than the glowing flames of a volcano, we can only feel true love when tears fall down eyes in turn of our very own deceit.

Love is chaotic, as freedom is bound in shackle’s, separation is not simple as the distance between.

The absence of one is as bad as a child been taken from the arms of his mother. For he who feels the cry for his child cries himself.

But I refuse to be swallowed by the loneliness of my review, yet if I could do it all over again, I will do it in the same scale, I can’t watch love die no! no! I can’t watch it lie, I will stay down and watch love fly, even though I have seen it’s darkest form.

Love is a sacrificed reality!

© George Odiapu

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