The One Friend

The One Friend

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sorry, sorry, sorry. It took a long while, I bet you missed me as much as I did.

It feels really good to be back again, but this time as dimmastories.

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Episode 5

Two days later, Boma was with Anny in the students food café. She was dressed in a designer’s jean trousers and  top.’ I can’t believe I’ve paid everything to the doctor, paid my school fees and Pere’s in just four days.’ Boma lilted. That’s it, when I was persuading you, you thought I was trying to delude you. Honestly Anny, at first, it was very difficult for me. I felt very guilty but I guess I don’t feel the same way anymore. ‘That’s it girl! Welcome to the club!’

‘But, look at you a daughter of rich parents doing ‘runs’. If my parents were half as rich as yours I wouldn’t even think of doing this. I don’t even think I will be schooling in this country’.  “Maybe that’s why God did not make your parents to be rich so that you can be in the same school with me, Anny teased. Ok…., enough of the lies, maybe I should just open up to you after all you’re my close friend.’ ‘what lies?’ asked Boma. Anny kept quiet for some minutes looking at the curious face of Boma, then beamed a smile . “you’re very silly, you this girl” Anny said “tell me what you want to say before I die of curiosity” Anny laughed at her “listen girl, I never had rich parents’.

‘Err.. .what did you say?’ My mother died when I could barely know her, they said I was two at that time. Two years after her death, my father married another woman who treated me and my younger brother like slaves. We would clean the house, wash her and her children’s cloths, cook food for the family, hawk sachet water after school before we could have lunch and sometime go to bed at night on empty stomach. My father seemed not to be interested in the way she treated us.

He only cared about our school fees which he made sure he always paid as if that’s the only thing he owed us. After secondary school, my step mother made life hell for me for one year before I wrote JAMB. I could not pass the JAMB but couldn’t  imagine staying at home for another heinous year. Hence I forged the result with the help of the boy friend I had that time who worked in a computer business center.  My dad gave all the money I requested; then, I came and rented an apartment here. Luckily for me, I passed on the second attempt and gained admission. Since second year that my father died, I do runs to sustain myself and my brother in school.’ “Anny, you are the most impudent liar I ever knew! How did you manage to keep up the act for this long?” “Maybe because am such a talented actor” Anny replied “You are amazing!” Boma spouted “yes am amazing!” she replied. “How is Tom? Have you guys been communicating? Boma suddenly became cold with nothing but guilt painted on her face. “I still feel guilty Anny.” “But you said you no longer feel that way” “ I said that to cheer myself up. To be honest, I still feel  very guilty Anny.” “ I can see am not the only impudent liar here” “ Tom is an amazing guy and does not deserve this. He does not deserve what I’ve become. He still believes that am his credulous and responsible angel. I have a feeling that he would find out soon and I feel like dying before that day.” “Geez! Boma are you that naïve or should I say stupid? Do you even know the things he might be doing in Sokoto? Men are worse cheaters and better pretender than ladies. They go about womanizing and expect their partners to be faithful. Boma shook her head “I don’t think he is actually doing that, Anny”. Anny desperately searched for ideas to dissuade Boma from having a second thought about continuing. “Anny I really think that I should stop this whole thing” What are you saying? Stop what? I perfectly understand how you feel but do you think the manager would let you go just like that without completing the terms of your employment of working in the club for at least one year”. “I still remember that agreement that I signed out of desperation, but the truth is that I can’t continue, Anny please help me talk to her.” Anny feigned pity pretending to sympathize with her but broached that if she dares suggest that to the manager, it would give him the impression that she wants to escape and that would make him transfer her to another club where she would constantly be drugged and won’t be given the privilege of seeing the sky again. Boma became even more scared “how am I going to get out of this? Tom wants us to get married immediately after his NYSC. How am I even supposed to get married when am still under the whims and caprice of the manager. My life is messed up, Anny.” “I understand how you feel, what you need to do now is to be on top of your game at hiding it from him, it’s ok don’t worry before you know it, the remaining few months will be over and you’ll become free again. Oh my God, Boma, I totally forgot that I have test by 1:pm and am already fifteen minutes late. Anny suddenly said as she hurried out of the café  leaving Boma alone “stupid girl you want to marry my Tom, let’s see how that happens” She chuckled on her way out.

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