The Life That Happens

No doubt, the life we live is in different stages, each with its own peculiarities. The youthful period — which in particular, is the prime of one’s lifetime — is one that requires a great deal of one’s productivity. It is akin to the fulcrum of a lever upon which the load of your life rests, and thus requiring a great, intensive effort from your end. It is one that the enormous tensions and expectations surrounding you climax into a strong, dedicated will to do something worthwhile in life, perhaps as fast as possible. You now strike a do-or-die deal with success.

You are young and your potentials are limitless, all hankering for unleash. And often times, you are at crossroads with deciding which will be the best fit for you, amidst your various emerging areas of interests. This is such a time when you may not even have had a path well-defined yet. You are still having a tough battle to fight with yourself, struggling to figure out things to make do with life, with fervour and hope for a better future ahead. After all, you have always hoped the coast will clear someday. But, you still wake up daily to signs that prove you otherwise, that the success that seemed nigh is still up high hovering over you, far from your reach.

Then, you yet again realized that the world you find yourself in is where competition is extremely high. It is one that critically requires you to stand out to head up. And, you know you wouldn’t be wrong if you tag it ‘survival of the fittest.’ But, you know that you have got no choice. That you just have to withstand the heat of the furnace. You fail, to succeed. And you get rejected, to get accepted.

Somehow, with hard work, determination, focus, resilience and in some cases where much-needed, a stroke of luck, you eventually gained clarity on your journey and navigated your way through life against all odds, which were largely not in your favour. You have had to face life head-on whose hard knocks bruised you mercilessly. But, you pressed on!

And surely, there comes this time when the opportunities that seemed abound then are now acutely limited. In retrospect, you feel remorseful for what more you could have been, how farther you could have gone, and what you could have channeled more of your efforts into. You would still feel you didn’t maximize some opportunities you had enough at those stages. You would simply wish you had done more with your time and might, and that the high spirit of youthfulness still runs in you. Then, on a deeper, reflective thought, you feel thankful for the adventurous journey of life so far, kiss your trophies and proudly wear your scars as sucsess stories and emblems of victory. And, well, it dawned on you that it’s just simply the life that happens!

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