Not So Long A Letter (the movie)

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Darlington Chukwunyere

Chima Igbokwe was keen to talk about his nine year old movie project “Not So Long a Letter”.

Not so long a Letter is a movie written, designed and directed by Chima Igbokwe. This “baby” took him a whooping nine years to nurse, and from the look of things, Not So Long a Letter might be a household favorite for a very long time.

It’s a story I developed for nine years. It’s a peculiar one… The casting, the directing, production design and all…

An Amazing story, and a wonderful three-cast movie, featuring Nigerian Actress and AMVCA/AMAA award winner, Ivie Okujaye, Tony Ezimadu, and Ezinne Iwuoha.

Not So Long A Letter is about an ambitious Northern village girl (Ivie Okujaye) who received a scholarship. She boarded a wrong taxi to the capital in a lonely journey with the driver (Tony Ezimadu). Driver raped her, shredded her scholarship documents and other credentials, and also got her infected. Thence, she swore to have her pound of flesh.

Chima Igbokwe is a well knitted Unizik Thespian and Nigerian filmmaker. He is also a graduate of National Film Institute, Jos. He is a member Director’s Guild of Nigeria and Screen Writers Guild of Nigeria. He has over 30 films in his Filmography as a Writer and Director. He made Films like 37 Akossa Street, Instaguru, Till Death, Kaima, and more.

Chima on set Not So Long A Letter

Chima sounded so passionate about Not So Long a Letter that I couldn’t resist the urge to ask more questions. Enjoy his heart warming responses bellow.


Wow! Nine years? A long time to write a “not so long letter”. Why keep it in the kitchen for nine years?


Well… I think it’s a story dear to my heart. For those nine years, the story evolved. At a time it had more characters. At another time, it had a different title. I kept it for that long to actually be sure of the way I wanted to tell it.


You seem so passionate about Not So Long a letter. What inspired such a painstaking project? And why tell a rape story?


Basically because it has stayed with me for so long a time… Why rape? Rape because it is pressing issue right now. Our society is becoming something else. Men are becoming so lascivious. I think it is high time, we talked about it… I needed to say what I think.


What has it been like, working with Ivie Okujaye and Tony Ezimadu and why choose to work with the duo on Not So Long a Letter?


It was amazing… Those two are great actors. They were the ones I wanted for the roles and they were the ones I made sure I get. They nailed. Great interpretation. Powerful delivery and they were passionately committed to the project.


What should we expect from Not So Long a Letter?


Intrigue. Tension. Twist. Drama. Suspense. And above all entertainment.


What’s the estimated budget for not so long a letter? And What’s the eventual cost of making Not So Long a Letter? That’s if you don’t mind sharing?



I wouldn’t want to mention figures but trust me we put in a lot of funds in the making of this Film. A lot went into Production Design and Post-production, etc. Infact right now, we are still in Post-production. I know a lot of films shot at same time. Most of them are out already but we are still working. We are spending a lot Post-production but it’s worth it.

Not So Long A Letter has got many promises and I’m sure Ivie Okujaye and Tony Ezimadu are the right combination for a sumptuous cinema experience.

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