My Father’s Best Friend


God help me for what I’m about to do but it’s been a long time coming. My desires for my best friend’s little daughter have stewed and fermented under the surface for years, while I tried hard not to acknowledge them or give in to my sadistic urges.

I held her when she was a little girl and bounced her on my knee while she giggled and looked at me with adoring eyes. I was her uncle Thabani, her father’s best and most trusted friend.
Learnmore and I have been friends for the better part of thirty years. Ours is a history fraught with wild, drunken college nights, shared ambitions and business partnerships.

I was there when he impregnated a one night stand and was left to raise a daughter alone. I was also there when the construction company we started together got its first big break and made us rich overnight.

Now I’m wondering if the fact that I’m about to fuck his little daughter is going to be enough to make Learnmore throw years of friendship down the drain.

The thing is it won’t change anything because now that I have her sitting in the car beside me, her short, school skirt riding up her thick, light-skinned thighs, my dick won’t be denied any longer.

Keeping an eye on the road and one hand on the wheel, I place my hand on her thigh and slide it up under her skirt. “Open your legs,” I instruct and Hazel obediently parts them. We’ve played this game before, during stolen moments when I visited Learnmore’s house.

Little Hazel knows how to always obey her Uncle Thabani. She trusts me and likes all the dirty things I do to her. “Did you tell your father you’re going for a sleepover tonight?” I ask as I start to rub her warm center through the lacy pants she’s wearing, priming her pussy.
Hazel starts squirming but her legs open wider. I grin to myself. I know she loves it when my rough hands rub her pussy and I can tell she’s already getting wet.

“Y- yes,” she gasps. “He said it was fine.”
“Good girl.” I pat her between the legs before removing my hand abruptly. I’m starting to get excited by her moans and I don’t want my physical reaction to affect my concentration so I end up accidentally swerving off the road or something.

I’ve been waiting for this night for too long to have anything ruin it.
Already, I can feel my cock swelling painfully. It’s a familiar ache only Hazel can satisfy and believe me I’ve tried to relieve it with many other women.

Like I said, this has been a long time coming. There’s only one way it can end, now that I’ve shouldered off all those moral concerns that kept me in check: With my huge cock inside Hazel’s sweet, tight cunt, thrusting in and out while she moans in pleasure and calls me her daddy.

“Uncle Thabani. Aren’t you going to finish?” Hazel’s frustrated voice interrupts my thoughts. I turn my head to see she’s shifting restlessly in her seat, her legs still parted. “I want to finish,” she demands.

I always rub her clit until she’s orgasmed and she looks disappointed at having been denied her sweet release this time.

“Don’t worry sweet Hazel,” I tell her, even as we pull up to my gate. I don’t think she has noticed but I’ve been driving like a maniac to get there this fast and I can feel my heart racing with anticipation.

“You’re spending the whole night with me. By the time I’m done with you you’ll be screaming to finish.”
Hazel’s eyes widen at my promise but she doesn’t look scared. I can see the need in her eyes, mirroring mine. She wants this as much as I do; she’s my horny little school girl.
“What’re we going to do?” she whispers looking electrified.
“I’m going to make you my woman.” With that I put the car in park, quickly pull her out and head straight into my apartment before the electric gate even finishes closing.


Uncle Thabani thrills me. I’m going to make you my woman. Now that I’m lying on his bed, I can’t believe this is finally happening. Excitement and elation course through me when I remember his promise.
From the first time he touched me, my whole body has been aching for him. He’s the only one that thrills me, makes me feel happy and alive and I can’t stop wanting more.

Our little game started when I was sixteen and now that I’m turning eighteen next week I’m more than ready to be his woman. When I was little he was my favourite uncle because he was always kind and brought me sweets and played games with me that made me laugh.
He never touched me inappropriately and at that time he was just Uncle Thabani, nothing more.
It was kind of sad because my dad was always busy and rarely spared any attention for me, leaving the housekeepers to raise me. Ever since he got married and had more kids with my stepmother, there’s even less attention for me. I suppose it’s because I’m older and he had me when he was young but it still hurts.
Don’t get me wrong, my father is rich and he makes sure I go to Arundel, one of the most expensive private schools in Harare. I have everything I need, materially. The latest iPhone and my dad’s already asking me to start applying to any university I want in the UK for when I finish my A ‘Levels this year.

My stepmother is actually a sweet woman who doesn’t force me to go to bed hungry or anything.
It’s just that they’ve built this their own little world with their kids and I feel somehow left out.
I barely register on their radar unless I specifically make an effort to capture their attention. I doubt if my father even cares enough to check if I’ve really gone for a sleepover.

Which in this instance is an awesome thing because I get to spend the night with Uncle Thabani. He stopped being just Uncle Thabani when he stopped giving me sweets and started giving me orgasms.
Right now there’s an ache between my legs that he put there and I need him to take care of me like he always does.
“Uncle Thabani!” I call out impatiently, twisting and turning on the bed, wanting his hands between my legs. When he comes out of the bathroom he’s taken his jacket and tie off and the top buttons of his shirt are loose. I know he’s old enough to be my father but every time I see his tall, muscular body and his dark, handsome face, I can’t help responding like a woman and my panties always get wet.
Uncle Thabhani walks over to stand by the bed. There’s an intense heat in his eyes when he stares down at me and I feel it on every inch of my skin. The ache between my legs deepens into a hollow emptiness that’s weeping to be filled.
“What do you want little Hazel?” he demands as I squirm with need. He knows what I want but he wants me to say it. He’s always relished his control over me and I’ve always done what he wanted.
“I want to finish Uncle,” I tell him. “Please. Make me your woman.” It’s all I’ve ever wanted but now that he’s making me beg for it I feel a desperation I didn’t know I was capable of. It makes me feel reckless and wanton
“Please. I will do anything.”


She’s lying on my bed begging to be fucked. Saying the words I’ve only ever dreamed of hearing her say because my conscience didn’t allow me to act on my desires then.
My brief hold-out in the bathroom was a test, one final niggle in my conscience that I needed to get rid of. I wanted to know without a shred of doubt that she wanted this as much as I did – that I wasn’t forcing myself on a girl old enough to be my daughter. Now hearing her practically whine for it, it’s all my cock can do not to burst out of my pants as it swells and hardens, demanding to be let out of the cage. “You’ll do anything little Hazel?” I ask softly, feeling all my blood rush south as her need feeds mine. I’m already as hard as a fucking steel rod.
“Yes. Anything.” Hazel promises fervently. Her chest rises and falls erratically in anticipation and she licks her lips.
“Take off your clothes,” I demand. She sits up so quickly it’s almost comical except for the fact that I’m already undoing my pants just as quickly. By the time I pull off my shirt she’s already naked and I feel my breath catch and my body going still.

There’s nothing little about Hazel’s body, no matter what I call her. She’s all woman, with lush curves and huge tits that make her look like a porn star now that they’re free and bouncing with her every movement. Everything about her looks soft, from her belly to her thick thighs that are going to squeeze me when I’m thrusting between her legs. It’s these incredible changes to her body that had changed everything between us and started our little intimate games. I could never look at her as just my friend’s little girl once her body resembled a fully fledged woman.
I climb onto the bed, my thick, black cock protruding heavily between my legs. Hazel lies back on the bed and spreads her legs when she sees me coming but she raises her head a little so she can keep watching me.
I see her eyes trained on my throbbing monster cock. She knows it’s about to split her virgin cunt open and she can’t wait to be disciplined into pleasure.
“You’re such a good little girl,” I say. “Opening your legs so Daddy can fuck you.” I kneel between her legs where her cunt is exposed for me on a silver platter. When I cup my wide palm over her wet, hairless folds and start rubbing she moans loudly, her head falling back on the pillows.

“Is this what you want, little Hazel?”
“Yes, Uncle Thabhani,” she cries her hips bucking as I spread her lips open and massage her clit. I stop what I’m doing and give her pussy a light slap.
“Don’t call me Uncle Thabhani anymore,” I rebuke her. “I’m your Daddy now.”
“Yes, Daddy.” It feels right when she says it, like a missing puzzle piece finally falling into place. Learnmore has never been much of a father to her anyway and I know I can be the only one to give her the love and attention she deserves. From now on she’s mine.
“Come for your Daddy,” I encourage her, my fingers teasing her pussy again, knowing she likes my dirty talk and the control it gives me over her. “Your pussy is fucking soaked already. Daddy is getting impatient.”
It’s a good thing she finally shatters because I can’t wait any longer. While she’s in the throes of an explosive orgasm, I move quickly over her, aligning our bodies so that my cock is pushing right against her slick, tight opening.
With a loud grunt, and one thrust I sink into her warm heat until I’m all the way in. Her pussy clenches around my thick invasion and she whimpers as her pleasure mingles with the pain of getting her cherry popped. The feel of her pussy walls gripping me tightly is pleasure overload, more than any sane man can handle and it takes a herculean effort not to start thrusting roughly into her and seek my own relief.
I lean down to press my lips to hers in a deep kiss, holding still and trying to sooth her. My hot breath mingles with hers and when she finally responds I know she’s distracted.
I start rocking my hips in shallow thrusts, stretching her out so she’s comfortable with my size.
“You’re mine now little Hazel,” I whisper to her. “Mine.”
“Yes, Daddy,” Hazel agrees, her pussy squeezing me, claiming me.
I start pumping faster and deeper into her and when the base of my spine starts to tingle I know I’m close. “Do you want Daddy to come inside you, little Hazel?” I grunt as I rut in her like an animal. She’s a good little girl so I already know her pussy wants to suck up every little drop of my seed. When she nods, the thought of breeding her, excites me even further and my speed increases so I’m almost jackhammering into her.
She moans loudly with each thrust, taking every inch of my hard strokes.
When I come it’s with the force of a thousand earthquakes and my cum shoots out so hard I can feel the force of it in my toes.
I pump a few more times purely out of reflex as the heat of my release continues to coat her pussy walls.
I knew my little Hazel was special, no other woman has ever given me this much pleasure or made me cum so hard.
When I finally pull out and fall back on the mattress, beside her it takes a goddamn eternity to clear my vision and slow my heart rate down from the heart attack zone.
I turn my head and Hazel is wearing a goofy little smile on her beautiful face.
“Are you good baby?” I ask.
“Yes Daddy,” she responds with a happy smile. “I’m finished. I feel so full.”
“Good. Because you’re mine now. It’s my responsibility to keep you full. And you take care of your Daddy’s needs too.”
My cock is a little soft but I know soon it’s going to be hard for her again. I let her rest for a while. We have plenty of time and this is only just the beginning.

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