Konji with Linda

Konji with Linda


What do you want from me?’ she asked me, crossing her elegant, coltish legs.
‘And don’t say love because you don’t love me,’ she cut in conversationally, lifting her glass of cognac to her Aphroditic lips.

Boy, I was gobsmacked. My eyes traveled to her inviting melons threatening to burst out of the low-cut black gown she was wearing. I took a deep breath and looked into her arresting eyes. Linda was not the kind of woman to lie to. It would get you nowhere. And truly I did not want to lie.

I took her smooth left hand in mine. ‘The old ancient urge, baby. It has left me sleepless since I set my eyes on you.’

Linda’s look was enigmatic. She smiled over the rim of her glass.
‘Bad boy,’ she said in that her dangerous Toni Braxton-like sexy voice. ‘So na konji de hold you since?’

‘Yes,’ I answered simply.
She laid down the glass, kissed me on the lips in the full glare of everyone in the bar and looked deep in my eyes.

‘I may be a bad girl but Adefunke, your wife, is my friend. She saved me from cultists on campus. Sorry, loverboy, employ your dick elsewhere.’

She stood up and left the bar.

(All rights reserved. Henry Chukwuemeka Onyema 2019. Courtesy of Bongi Incorporated)

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