Hope E1: A new beginning

“Ayo! Ayo!! Ayo!!!”
A furious but caring mother called from the kitchen. She kept calling until she couldn’t hold it anymore. Now muttering to herself ‘its past six in the morning and this girl still finds pleasure in sleeping when she’s supposed to be preparing for school’.
Esther Cole left what she was doing in the kitchen and headed straight to the bedroom. She took a look at her daughter on the bed and she was full of discontent. She doesn’t blame the 10 years old girl. She tapped the sleeping figure on the bed thrice before the girl yawned loudly and replied ‘Yes’ amidst sleepy eyes. As soon as she replied, she prepared to continue her sleep but was interrupted by her mother who was visibly angry.
“Come on! Get up and get dressed for school”, the woman yelled at her daughter. “What kind of daughter still sleeps by this time of the day when her mates are getting ready for school?”
The little girl sprang up at once. She is no other person than Ayomide Cole, the daughter of late Mr. Jeffery Cole and Mrs. Esther Cole. She headed straight for the bathroom just across the bedroom. Having seen that the girl is fully awake, the woman hurriedly went back to the kitchen to check the boiling rice on the stove.
Mrs. Cole lives happily with her only child and daughter in a room and parlour self-contain. The apartment though large enough to accommodate both mother and daughter is smaller compared to the mansion they previously lived in. Mr. Cole was a very wealthy business man. He has numerous mansions all over the city but all this were inherited by his brothers leaving nothing for the innocent wife.
Mrs. Cole has come to accept the change since the death of her husband, Jeffery. Her husband’s family sent her out of the house claiming she was responsible for the death of Jeffery and also since she has no male child for the late man, she has no right whatsoever to his properties. Having no one to defend her, she quietly left with her daughter whom they presumed to be a bastard child. It’s been three months now since they moved into this new apartment and four months since the death of her husband.
“I can’t allow myself to continue dwelling in the past”, Mrs. Cole thought out loud. Just then Ayo jumped into the kitchen and announced that she had just finished taking her bath. This joked Mrs. Cole back to reality, she has been thinking a lot recently.
“Which past?” Ayo queried.
“Is this how to greet?” an alarmed mother queried.
“Good morning ma”, Ayo greeted kneeling down with both legs.
“Morning, how are you?”
“I’m fine ma”
“Mom! What’s this smell I’m …” Before Ayo could complete her sentence, Mrs. Cole sprang up from her sitting position remembering the food on the cooking stove. She hurriedly turned down the heat from the stove and opened the lid off the pot. Luckily, the rice wasn’t burnt but the water in it is completely dried.
“Mom, is it burnt?” a curious Ayo demanded.
“Almost”, Mrs. Cole responded. “Let me dish out your food so you can eat and leave for school. You are running late”.
“Don’t forget to pack my food for lunch in school. My lunch bag is right there”, Ayo said pointing to a bag at one corner of the kitchen.
“I won’t FFO”, Mrs. Cole said jokingly. She gave Ayo her breakfast and the girl left for the sitting room to eat.
Ten minutes later, Ayo finished eating and her mom had packed her lunch in her lunch bag. She took it and left for school hurriedly.
“Love you mom”, she said while at the door.
“Love you too. Would be in your school soon”, her mother said behind her but Ayo was beyond earshot.

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