The air smelled like burnt rubber and the sun shone like a beam of white spectrum from an alien spaceship,unlike the rain that fell previously flooding the environment causing everyone to walk like partially paralysed patients at the back gate of the university due to the abundance of natural slug of the earth. The road was filled with several people with different intent and purpose ,walking to their intending destination in a more careful manner, some walking not minding if they got their foot ware soiled with mud, others trying to escape such fate in a more dramatic manner

Rukayat was regressing in her walking pace.her lips were mubbling inaudible words and her eyes facing a different direction from that of the road. She was at it again, ever since first semester results were pasted at the Education block everything had seem to be displaced in her mind.she was looking unkempt and really she was unkempt.

She hadnt had a bath in days and her teeth began to form a visible film of tartar,the skin on her legs were pale white bathed with mud from the ground so did her arms as though it were harmattan period.
“How on earth am i going to break this?,”she managed to mubble audibly.

Unknown to her , a banana peel laid in front of her which made passerby avoid that area, she was so caught up in her thought not noting the hazard. Just then ,like a lightening bolt ,she lost her balance almost immediately, land herself face flat on the mud which made everyone around blast into uncontrollable laughter.

“God, is this how you hate me so?”she cried feeling ashamed , praying for the ground to swallow her.
“Ehn, kill yourself na since God hates you,”a passerby mocked.

She tried standing up revealing her terrible stained dress , her wig was displaced and her phone screen was broken. Packing herself together she left dejectedly .
The hostel room was divided into four different conners by two bunk beds , one on the right and the other on the left. The left lower bunk contained Nora, a fair lady with a locally plaited her trying to assimilate her book , ” Introduction to legal method” while the remaining bed were empty .

A knock was heard on the door which prompted Nora into wearing a top cover her exposed breast,dropping her book aside she headed for the door. Standing at the other side of the opened door was a messed up Rukayat with red eyes which she aquired from tears.

“What happened to you ?”Nora inquired.
“Goldie gate happened,”trying to pull of her top.
“perhaps , that was a sign”
” yeah, a sign that God hates me ” she continued her fresh sobbing.

Nora drew closer to her with hands on akimbo, looking at an uncladed Ruka trying to put on a fresh clothing.

“Is this because of frank?,is it because of the break up?,girl you are stronger than this o,”
“Am not”Ruka said trying to hold up a tear.
“you gave been sad for over three months now, this is not mere grieve, i think you need to open up before this leads to something serious.”
“Am fine , i just need more time”

Nora backed off from her knowing fully well that nothing would make her get through to Ruka, she continued her reading while looking at her grieving roommate once in a while till she fell asleep.

Waking up by the screams of the whole hostel occupants, Nora jumped out of bed rushing outside to find the reason for the distress she ran to her neighbour trying to inquire about the matter but all she got was the word ”

Ruka,Ruka” while others were pointing outside. She peered her head through the balcony to see a figure on the floor in an obvious pool of blood.
“My goodness!” Nora exclaimed.

She ran down like a furious lion in tears not minding if her legs got broken in the process. Rukayat laid in her pool of blood and her skull shattered beyond repair.Her grey matter found its way onto the surface of the earth as her eyes stared lifeless into the open sky.

Her fellow hostelites gathered the scene with pity as they beconed on the security men to help convey her body to the Anatomical department for proper cleaning and preservation.
Weeks after her burial , Nora and her other room mates tried packing their deceased friends belongs inorder to be sent back to her family. Her pictures, clothes and makeup. Her diary laid on her bed as though it was drawing them to read its content .

“Dear diary,
Life feels misrable without love.
My mere existence is a joke and there is nothing i can do about it.
A Hiv patient with a damaged womb is no joke i tell you.
and Nora seems am sad over Frank not knowing that Frank has actually killed me inside.
I thought dating him would help me financially untill that night he cut my clitoris with his evil dagger for rituals . Since then i have been rottening inside both financially and academically.
Just last week ,i was supposed to have my monthly flow , instead i saw an eye saw, i saw pus flowing freely .
I cant take it anymore..”

Sucide is never the option, talk to someone today
© Obilor Anderson Tochukwu

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