Dad Life

Big flabs run all over my tummy
My six pack is a thing of the past
I watch toon shows everyday on tv
Sofia, Lion Guard, Pj Masks
My friends say now they don’t get to see me.
Their missed calls pile up on my phone.
Always stressed
Can’t go nowhere
House’s a mess
Don’t you come here
I can’t sleep (No way)
They’ll call me
I can’t stay (One place)
They’ll need me
I don’t get, no time
I’m not social
I don’t party, no more
I won’t go
Missed calls, pile up
I can’t answer
Only action, I get
Is changing diapers
Going clubbing, no thank you
My Dad’s life, damn right, it ain’t cool
Dad Zoned, for sure
Till high school
Kids scream, baby cries,
Lack of sleep, money tight
In a dad’s night.

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