Change: another of its kind.

Change: another of its kind.

  1. He called my name.From, a long distance.

    I overheard and turned back.

    To see who it was.

    I could not recognize the face.

    I placed my hand on chest.

    To asked and know if he was calling me.

    He nodded his head in affirmation.

    So, I waited for him.

    He walked briskly over where I’m.

    Still, I could not recognize him.

    We exchanged greetings.

    And then he asked.

    “I want to believe you recognize me?”

    He grinned softly.

    “No please”. I answered” how may I be of help to you?”

    Though I’m petrified.

    Because it is noticeable that he was a smoker.

    I was overwhelmed by the scent of alcohol and cigarette he had taken earlier.

    The scent that crushed over the pleasant scent of the environment.

    I look at him closely.

    Still could not recognize.

    When he noticed I could not help myself of that, he told me his name.

    As the name dropped to my hearing, I notice a kind of familiarity in it.

    Then it reminded of one of my primary school classmate.

    A respectful boy.



    And calm boy.

    He was the fairest in our class then.

    He is lanky.

    Easily frightened boy.

    Not grass chopper.


    And black person like this.

    “It is not him” I whispered to myself.

    That is the attribute of the boy I knew that answered the name.

    “I don’t think I know you” I told him again.

    That’s when he disclosed.

    “We attended same primary school, Osupa Baptist day school ll, and I am your class mate. You sat beside a girl named TITI; you are the game prefect of our set”

    I retorted.

    “You must be joking”

    He continued.

    “You represented our school in memory verse competition at child gospel mission, where you came out with second position; your hubby was football then”

    He really knew me well.

    Very accurate description.

    But I was bewildered.


    And shocked to the spine.

    For the bad changes.

    He had embarked.

    I greeted him again.

    We smiled but I feigned mine.

    Then asked him about his living.

    He answered hopefully.

    And took a small plastic which contains alcoholic herbal drinks.

    He furrowed his face as he drank it.
    I was forced to ask him.

    “Please what’s the benefit of smoking and the thing you just drank just now?”

    He smiled.

    Then replied.

    “Huh, guy, these things that you see me drinking is brain buster, they enable you to reason wella and shoved you away from needless burden”

    He continued.

    “And someone like you that like writing, oh, you don’t know that I do follow your writings on face book. Sometimes when am reading you, I imagine if you are smoking and drinking how deep your reasoning would be”

    “Oh no, I’m fine like this buddy, so where are you going to?”

    I replied.

    Trying to desert him.

    “I’m there with my guys enjoying our life”

    He replied as he pointed to the direction.

    “Ok, keep it up, till next time then”

    We shook and departed.

    Minkail Olaitan.

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