The Fractured Bliss

Fractured bliss

The rain came early in April, the weather was cold (due to the rain) and questions about the previous night was hovering the air. The place was filled with people jostling for firsthand information.

The police were everywhere searching for the best and possible report from anyone who was willing to give.


Bishop’s Statement

At about 3am on the 4th of April 2012, I heard screams that woke me up. The noise was coming from my neighbours compound. I called my friends and the security around, but they wouldn’t interfere at that ungodly hour. So, I decided to go and see if I could help. I guess I was late, because on getting there Mr. Fakumo was already in a pool of blood


Mrs. Fakumo’s Statement

My husband came back late at about 2am on that day. I asked him where he was coming from; instead of giving me an answer, he slapped me and said he has been hearing stories of my infidelity. I told him not to turn tables and give me an answer instead he started beating me to tell him the truth. He kept on beating me with no intention of stopping. So, I decided to run in a bid to defend myself.

I told him not to come closer, but he wouldn’t listen, I had no choice than to shoot. I did not intend to kill him



The Salon

At about noon on a Saturday, the salon was filled with different ladies (high classed) who were either already in the dryer or making their hair and nails. Just as their hair was being made, their lips were not left out as they were entangled in both gossips and discussions. There was a trio of interest who were not like the others. Their conversation was in a low tone as matured people should behave in public


Salon conversation

Girl 1: there is this guy I heard just moved into the estate. He’s hot, handsome, single and I heard he has biceps like C- Ronaldo

Girl 2: where did you hear that gist from?

Girl1: I heard some girls talking about him at the pool yesterday

Girl 3: what else did they say?

Girl 1: that he keeps to himself, not really interested in women

Girl 3: guess he is gay

Girl 1: ewww, that will be a waste of fine boy.

Girl 2: guess he hasn’t seen our kind

Girl 3: did you by chance get his address

They all giggled, the attendant interrupted them saying…. aunty I don ready oh.

Girl 1: Sure, he stays on road 12……

Girl 2: shhh, later (gesticulating an end to the conversation)

Ada stood up from her chair smiling at the image of herself in the mirror. She paid the attendant and turned to walk out but she stopped by where the other two ladies were seated and said in a low voice;

Ada: Goodluck in your search for C-Ronaldo in Nigeria

The girls couldn’t stop laughing as Ada stepped out of the salon.

Girl 1: your hair looks beautiful……

Weeks later, bishop was at the gym working out tirelessly to keep form. At a distant he saw 3 girls looking his way in a seductive manner. All he could do was smile back at them and looked away. Minutes later, he took off his shirt and headed for the pool.

The girls gasped for breath at the sight of his biceps

Girl 1: Jesu!!

Girl 3: I think I want to swim

Girl 2: but you can’t swim

Girl 3: maybe he will teach me

Girl 1: am coming with you

Girl 3: please come in 10 minutes

Girl 2: I will watch every scene from here

After swimming, they all sat down talked, drank and ate till he was ready to leave

Bishop: Am sorry, (looking at his watch) I have an appointment to catchup with, guess I will see you guys later

Girl 1: yeah………girl 2 cuts in

Girl 2: can I have your number, so I, we can call you

Bishop: here’s my card (he slid it on the table between the three of them)

Girl 3: thanks for the swimming lesson she said shyly

Bishop: my pleasure

He stood up and left them at the table, looking back, there were staring at him. He blew them a kiss and they were rushing to catchup with it in the air.

When Bishop was out of sight, an atmosphere engulfed them. They were staring at eachother with anger

Girl 1: (broke the ice with venom) what was that for?

Girl 2: what? She said hands open feigning ignorance

Girl 3: you are making us look cheap

Girl 2: (laughing she said) you wanted a swimming lesson; you got that. Turning to the next she said; you wanted to swim right? Yes, and you did. So, I guess we all got we wanted

Girl 3: what are we fighting over a man for? Please let’s stop this and look forward to our outing later tonight


Monday 05/03/2012

Ada was in the kitchen preparing breakfast for her family when her husband hurried downstairs through the kitchen and gave her a sharp kiss

Bayo: honey, please help me drop the kids at school (he said knotting his tie)

Ada: no, you promised……..(he shut her up with another kiss)

Bayo: I know but I just must get to the office

Ada: not again

Bayo: I would make it up to you

Ada: why do I always fall for you

Bayo: because you love me, he giggled

Ada: help with his tie she asked; do you love me?

Bayo: You know I do he kissed her passionately

Ada: I love you too

Bayo: bye, he shouted as he zoomed off

Ada: shouting aloud, it’s time for breakfast hurry up so that you don’t go late to school. Good morning Mummy the children chorused. looking back, she saw they were all dressed and said

Ada: morning, sit and eat up you have just 15 minutes (she went upstairs and change into something casual).


At Bayo’s office, during their normal Monday meeting. There was a disagreement on over how contracts and projects were being handled without supervision.

Boss: from this day forward, any project outside the state would be visited at least once a month for proper accountability and fiscal reports.

(All nodding in acceptance to what is being said)

Coll 1: sir, what if everyone of us has a project outside the state that is running simultaneously?

Boss: good question. All projects outside the state will be put on the notice board and there will be a rotating in visitation.

Bayo: how long do we need to be away for?

Boss: not more than 3 days, except otherwise.

Bayo: good to know sir

Boss: Bayo, the ongoing project at Abakalaki needs proper supervision. I got a report that we are running behind schedule. You will have to check it out. You leave after close of work tomorrow.

Bayo: but sir

Boss: the rotation just started

There was chattering as soon as the boss exited. Bayo was sitting confused at the impromptu travel.

Coll: the rotation just had to start with you (he tapped Bayo at the back)

Bayo: damn!!

Coll2: if I were you, I will be happy

Coll3: thank goodness my project is in Abuja

Bayo: at least Abuja is somewhere of note

Coll: accept this and maybe the next one will be at Tinapa.

They pulled Bayo out of his thoughts. Cheer up, it will be fun if you want it to be.

Later that night, Ada and Bayo were seated at the parlour listening to the late-night news when Bayo broke the silence in the air

Bayo: my love

Ada: what is it this time? You only call me my love when you want something from me.

Bayo: why will you always say that? You know I love you

Ada: I know (she said with a shudder) what is it?

Bayo: something came up at the office today (he said sitting upright). I will be traveling to Ebonyi state tomorrow evening

Ada: why is everything about you always impromptu? She said with a sharp response

Bayo: I was just informed this morning

Ada: oh really, (she snapped) and you accepted?

Bayo: I had no choice

Ada: how long are you staying there

Bayo: just two nights

Ada: have fun (she said in an undertone and retired to her room)

Bayo sat still surprised at her reaction and turned to the television. Minutes later, he was sleeping on the couch. Ada came down to see him asleep. She stood behind him for some minutes and nodded. She put off all the appliances and woke him up to join her in the room. When they were on the bed, she started by saying……

Ada: don’t think I don’t understand the fact that you have to work, it’s just that I hate being alone with the kids and always unprepared for your disappearances

Bayo: am sorry for the inconveniences I have caused you these past weeks. Like I said, I will make it up to you.

Ada: I don’t like that line, it gets me angry because it keeps piling up in my head.

Bayo: (pulling her close said) how about a getaway weekend without the kids to a place with the serenity of your warmth

Ada: (she turned smiling sheepishly) are you serious?

Bayo: sure I am. ( he met her lips) anywhere!

They kissed passionately and fondled their self, made love till they were exhausted

Ada: I will miss you

Bayo: I will miss you more.




Ada was on her way home with the kids from school and they met a traffic jam.

Ada: what the hell is this?

The children looked surprised as their mother went on cursing.

Can anything ever go right in this country (she honked her horn continuously as everyone was). She turned on the radio and tuned to her favourite station (Rhythm 93.7) where Madonna’s he lives in me was being played. She hummed as the music kept playing. The traffic was moving slowly until she entered a freeway and ride off.

On entering the street that led to her house, the car in front of her stopped abruptly to greet a friend coming from the opposite direction. She brought her head out of the window and shouted

Ada: please get you cars off the road

The drivers exchanged their phones to input numbers. She honked her horn that they thought she was in labour.

The approaching driver got close to her and said

Driver: madam, this is a close and not a getaway route then he zoomed past her after receiving an angry look. While she was moving, she peeped into the next car and her face lit up with a smile

Ada: Bishop (she stopped her car)

Bishop: Ada Owerri!! You are the one threatening everyone

Ada: what are you doing here

Bishop: I just moved into the estate

Ada: really, where?

Before she could finish her statement, the person behind her also honked his horn

Bishop: now you are blocking someone (he laughed)

Ada: I stay on the White House down (she was saying as her voice gave way to the wind)

Bishop: signaled her saying I will call you.


The next three days was one of the best days of her life. Her long-lost school crush and best pal was just a stone throw from her. She carried out her duties graciously without complaint or hitches.

When her husband call, he noticed the change in her voice. Free from anger of him leaving. After she drops off at school, she hurried home to finish up her chores and the freshen up and then retires to Bishops house where they both gist for long , to the extent of going out for a drink and holding onto each other like two love birds.

On Friday, something different happened. She forgot to pick the kids from school. She lost track of time because of how entangled she was in the gist. She cooked, they ate and almost kissed when an aggressive banging on the gate awakened their consciousness. They peeped through the window to see who it was when the gateman opened the gate. Children have closed from school. She looked up at the clock and it was 4pm. She asked Bishop

Ada: is that time correct ?

Bishop: yes

Ada: Jesus! My children are still at the school

Bishop: when are you supposed to pick them up?

Ada: today is Friday, they close by 1pm

Bishop: let’s go and pick them up

When they were in the car, Ada started lamenting. What do I tell them?

Bishop: tell them you lost track of time

Ada: it has never happened

Bishop: there’s a first time for everything, cheer up

Ada: forgetting to brush your teeth is a mistake but forgetting your children is bad

Bishop: am truly sorry, it’s all my fault

Ada didn’t say a word till they arrived the children’s school. The children were actually playing around school with other children who were still around, probably I am not the only one who lost track of time. As soon as they came to sight, the children stood up and entered the car mumbling.

Children: Good afternoon mummy (they chorused

Ifeanyi: good afternoon sir

Bishop: afternoon big boy, how was school today

Ifeanyi: fine thank you sir

Ada: am very sorry I came late . I was held up. I promise to make it up to you. Because of that we are doing lunch outside. Just pick a place

Bose: yeah KFC

Tope: KFC is okay

Ada: how about you big boy

Ifeanyi: do I have a choice, it 2 to 1

Ada: KFC it is (she said turning to Bishop)


While at KFC two men were sitting from across them looking at them with keen interest as they are. Bishop noticed this, but Ada was telling the children about their school days with Bishop. The men walked up to them and Bishop sat back and awaited their arrival.


If it’s not for the Fakumo’s the 1st man said. This is not the Mr. Fakumo I know. (Stretching his hands towards Bishop) good afternoon

Ada: Tayo, Segun I am so surprised to see you here aren’t you supposed to be at work?

Coll1: yeah, our site is just around the corner

Ada: interesting, and you catapulted my husband out of town

Coll2: I can see that you are not missing him

Ada: sorry, meet my friend Bishop, Bishop, these are my husband’s colleagues.

We need to head to the office or we will have our boss to answer to.


FRIDAY NIGHT 09/05/2012

Bayo called at about 8pm that he was in town and on his way home but stuck in traffic

Bayo: My love

Ada: what now?

Bayo: can you please prepare a hot meal for me?

Ada: at this time of the night? Am tired

Bayo: please am hungry and crave for a decent meal. Not that Okpa and Abacha

Ada: what would you love to eat?

Bayo: How about semovita

Ada: I’ll get it ready

Bayo: that’s why I love you

Ada: please don’t start and be careful

After dinner Ada and Bayo were lying on the bed when Bayo said

Bayo: sweetheart, that trip we planned for this weekend; I think we should postpone it till next week

Ada: (sitting up) she said why?

Bayo: am feeling too tired of taking a trip tomorrow. I worked very hard down there and need all the rest I can get.

Ada: no problem, as long as we still have to do it.

Bayo: hope you are not angry with me?

Ada: why should I be? (she said turning to him and rubbing her hand against his beard). I won’t want you to be sleeping during our getaway.

Bayo was stunned at her response

Bayo: thank you and Goodnight (he said kissing her)

Bayo laid on his back facing the ceiling still surprised at the way his wife took the news about the postponement. Its unlike her. He made the sign of the cross and dosed off.


MONDAY 12/03/2012

It was dawn already, Bayo woke up and found his wife staring down at him from across the bed.

Bayo: what? He sat up in a flash

Ada: nothing

Bayo: why the stare?

Ada: just felt like staring

Bayo: please don’t do that again; you scared me (he said standing up)

Ada: I just wanted to know how gracious you look when you sleep

Bayo: so, how gracious did I look?

Ada: I don’t know since you decided to spoil the fun. Now stand up and prepare for work else you will be late.

Bayo: I don’t feel like going today

Ada: you just have to because the kids are almost ready (she said swinging the car key)


During lunch, Bayo and his colleague were at the canteen eating and munching when Bayo decided to share his Abakaliki experience

Bayo: I didn’t see anything good to eat in that town. Every corner is Okpa and Abacha

Coll 1: I heard your site is close to the university

Bayo: yes, I saw it from a distance he said

Coll 2: So apart from work, what else did you do

Bayo: what else? He quizzed.

Coll 1: so, no extracurricular activities? (he said gesticulating with his left hand)

Bayo: as in? he responded

Coll 2: are trying to say you were all alone for 3 days; hmmm

Bayo: I went alone, who do you expect me to be with again?

Coll 1: innocent like you

Coll 2: well, I was just asking

Bayo: Abeg, people are different, and I happily married

They all laughed

Coll 1: last I checked adultery was meant for adults, most especially married people

Coll 2: tell him my brother

Bayo: you are both on your own in that regard; please say something else

Coll 1: we bumped into your family during our site visit while you were away

Bayo: really, where?

Coll 2: KFC

Coll 1: she was radiating

Bayo: be careful, that’s my wife you are talking about (he said raising his hand with a mould of eba)

Coll 2: can’t you take a compliment on her behalf?

Coll 1: the kids were not looking bad as well, you are really working

Bayo: thank you

Coll 2: there was this guy she was with; her schoolmate or so

Coll 1 stamped coll 2’s feet underneath the table indicating that was not a necessary inclusion in their conversation

Coll 2: she complained bitterly that we sent you out of town

Bayo: if not for the kids, she would have tagged along

Coll 1: A wife is meant to be jealous

Coll 2: checking his watch said lets head back to the office

At the office Coll 1 pulled coll 2 to the rest room and was not looking happy at all.

Coll 1: what is so important that you can’t say in the office

Coll 2: you shouldn’t have told Bayo that you saw his wife with another man, it was uncalled for.

Coll 1: it slipped, I really wish I could take it back

Coll 2: that was too sloppy

Coll 1: do you think he will read meaning to it?

Coll 2: people are of different characters, who knows

Coll 1: I pray he doesn’t, I just wanted to elongate the conversation



After dinner, the family shared the grace and the children retired to their rooms.

Ada: so how was work today?

Bayo: fine, I had to give a presentation based on my project supervision in Ebonyi state

Ada: hope you killed them?

Bayo: I wish they would die. The both giggled

Ada: how is Segun and Tayo?

Bayo: they are fine,

Ada: I ran into them last week at KFC

Bayo: they told me; we went out for lunch together

Ada: bachelors and restaurants

Bayo: they said you almost beat them up

Ada: they were lucky we were at a public place. How will they send you out of the state and remain in town? They are still single and have liberty to move around. Unlike you that is married and have people waiting for you to come back.

Bayo: so you have decided that it is men you want to start beating?

Ada: what do you take me for? All those Jason Statham’s movies I used to watch. You think it’s for fun. Just pray I don’t use it on you

Bayo: Ehen, I think we need to discard the tv set in the house

Ada: I have learnt enough (she showed a karate move)

Bayo: Mogbe!!

Ada: guess what? (she said in a happy tone). I met one of my university classmates last week.

Bayo: where?

Ada: on this our street, he just moved into the area. We were even together the day I saw your colleagues. Didn’t they tell you?

Bayo: no, they didn’t

Ada: I will invite him over one of these days

Bayo: no wahala (he yawned)



When Bayo came home from work, he noticed his wife’s dressing was far from ordinary. Dropping his bag he asked

Bayo: What’s the occasion

Ada: nothing, why?

Bayo: your dress at this hour?

Ada: I was too tired to take it off.

Bayo retired to the study to finish up some office work before dinner was served. After dinner, Ada brought a parcel into the room and handed it to him

Bayo: what is this for? (he said looking up at the calendar to be sure he has not missed anything). I asked what the occasion was you never told me. Yet you come bearing gifts

Ada: it’s not an occasion, it’s a late wedding gift

Bayo: from who

Ada: my friend I told you about (Bishop)

Bayo: After eight years

Ada: he wasn’t in the country when we got married. While we were in school, he said his gift will beat everybody’s own.

Bayo: so, what’s inside?

Ada: as you can see, it’s still sealed

Bayo: the fear of bokoharam (he hummed)

Ada: stop it (she hit him lightly)

Bayo: we don’t know who is who these days (he said unwrapping the gift)

As he opened the little box, the reflection from the glittering wrist watch made them both exclaim *JESUS*. A paper fell off from the box. Bayo picked it up.

Bayo: 24 Carat Gold Custom made SWATCH wrist watch

Ada covered her mouth in awe. Bayo picked his and gave her the feminine one. Behind it both read;

Mr and Mrs Fakumo

This little gift should rekindle your love for each other

Happy married life



Ada sat down in the corner and was sobbing, Bayo went to join her and pull her to his side.

Ada: I never expected this from him (she burst into tears)

Bayo: I must confess, this is the best gift ever or what do you think?

Ada: I have no objection to that (she said as more tears rolled down her eyes)

Bayo kissed her lips passionately and she responded with eagerness

Bayo: happy married life and stop crying, we should celebrate.

Ada: I know, it’s our wedding night all over again. Let’s make good use of it.

Bayo: I like the sound of that.

The atmosphere changed, and the curtains were drawn. Even I didn’t know what they did at this time. But I will let your instincts be the judge of that.


At about 5:30am, Ada was awake staring hard into the ceiling in the dark searching for answers. Her thoughts were nowhere else but back to her school days when she and Bishop were best of friends. He wanted more but I needed a friend in him and he was good with it. But I doubt he is done with that feeling. He really did love me and probably still loves me. He has always been a gentleman and respected my decisions even though they hurt him. Sometimes I just wish I gave him a part of me. Now this. The watch is just another of his way of winning one’s heart and this time it’s working again.

Bayo: sneaking up on her, a penny for your thoughts

Ada: good morning

Bayo: morning dear, anything the matter?

Ada: no, just thinking

Bayo: share your thoughts with me

Ada: don’t go to work today

Bayo: why not?

Ada: I want to spend the day alone with you

Bayo: today is Wednesday, an odd day for that matter

Ada: that’s what makes it better. Odd is unsuspecting

Bayo: I will try

Ada: don’t try please (she turned and sat upon him and said) I LOVE YOU

Bayo: I LOVE YOU TOO (he said looking surprised)

She prepared the children for school while Bayo was on call with his boss dishing him a lie. She went to drop the children at their school and got held up a little. She was rushing home to her husband. I want to get these wild thoughts of Bishop of my mind. This is the only way possible I know. She arrived home and to her surprise, Bayo has turned the house into a romantic pub. Littering rose petals from the dinning all the way to the bedroom. Scented candles along the hallway. I can’t believe this, looking at her watch. All these in how many minutes. Hope am safe. Bayo stood at one end of the room and pointed at an inscription on the wall that read “switch off all phones”

Bayo: Bishop just made me realize how much I love you

Ada: (that name again she thought within) how much?

Bayo: beyond words (he pushed the remote and the music came on. Boys II men’s I will make love to you)

Her ate her up in the room that she counted the ceiling a hundred times over. Then hunger set in and Ada went to the kitchen to make something but Bayo came in with the little man all charged up. Her eyes were wide open and she gave in without pressure. She bent over and Bayo ate her up even before the food was ready. The house was not enough for their tryst as they touched all corners of the house. The kitchen, dining and the master bedroom became a slave to their aroused feelings. After the world war, the generals decided to wave the white flag and they dosed off.

When Ada woke up, she went to the bathroom to take her bath. Bayo then joined her shortly and said you will not leave my sight today. Hurricane Katrina approached, and whirlwind was massive. Hope you can imagine what I am imagining.


Ada: how I wish everyday could be like this

Bayo: if you conceive from now till the end of the month (if it’s a boy). His name will be called Bishop

Ada: what!! (Not again)

Bayo: this marathon is his doing actually

Ada: you are not serious

Bayo: oh yes, I am serious. I am looking forward to meeting him

Ada: I will arrange for him to come

Bayo: please do

Ada was worried all over again. If only Bayo knows what I am going through. Bishop showing up on my street, then the gift and now naming our child Bishop. Am in deep trouble.


Days pass and Ada has been looking for who to pour her troubles on. She has been avoiding Bishop’s every call and text messages. Ada decided to seek advice from the only friend she trust could keep her secret. Her mother

Ada: mummy good morning

Mum: my daughter, I thought you have abandoned me? How are you

Ada: am fine oh; you nko?

Mum: we are also fine, how about your husband and my children?

Ada: they are all fine

Mum: this one you are sounding like this, hope all is well

Ada: somehow; infact, that is why I called (she shrugged)

Mum: ngwa, ne kwu anam na nu (ok, speak am listening)

Ada: you remember that my friend Bishop, he asked after you

Mum: oh!! How is he doing? That nice boy that I never seen yet it’s as if I know him.

Ada: oh, mummy listen to me, she interjected

Mum: ok, continue

Ada: you know how close we were in school then?

Mum: ehen, she said changing her position on the chair

Ada: he has always wanted to date me, but I refused, and he understood then. But since he surfaced, things have taken a different turn

Mum: how? Does he not know you are married?

Ada: he knows oh (she said scratching her hair). I didn’t know it will be like this

Mum: I don’t understand. What really is the problem? Is he asking you out?

Ada: he is not; it’s just that……….

Mum: that what (she shouted)

Ada: I think he still likes me

Mum: are you alright young lady. Have you forgotten that you are married with kids. You had better focus on your family and leave that boy alone. Tell him to stop calling you infact change your number so he doesn’t call you again (Ada cuts in)

Ada: that’s the problem, in just moved into our estate our street for that matter

Mum: Chinekeme!!(My God) what kind of temptation is this?

Ada: mama, recently he gave us a wedding gift and since then Bayo has been dying to meet him.

Mum: meet him kwa? What kind of gift?

Ada: on fine wristwatch like that.

Mum: eh ya, what a lovely boy. Even after all these years. May God really bless him for us

Ada: Amen. Mama focus oh, that’s not why I called. Help me am in a fix

Mum: he has always been your friend. He knows and understands you are married. And since he is not making any gestures towards you. There is no cause for alarm.

Ada: there is oh, seeing him every day makes me uncomfortable. There was one time we were together and we almost kissed.

Mum: Ada!! Please it is a taboo to thread on that ground. How did that happen?

Ada: it didn’t happen; but almost. I can’t explain it

Mum: so you are the problem

Ada: how (she said sharply)

Mum: I think you love him. Infact, you have always loved him

Ada: I love him as a friend

Mum: shut up, I gave birth to you. I will advise you to be strong and prayerful. Bishop has always been a good boy from the stories you have told me. I trust he won’t thread on that path. Just be careful and extend my greetings to him.

Ada: ok ma, bye

Ada sat down on the floor stunned at what her mother just revealed. Do I really love him? (she said doubting herself). I know I like him, and he is caring and a gentleman. May this cross (Bishop) pass over me.


Later that evening the children were seated watching tv. Bayo was at the dining reading a book when Ada’s phone rang. She ask to know who was calling and her husband responded that it was Bishop. She screeched from the kitchen to the dinning and wrestled the phone from her husband.

Bishop: Ada Owerri

Ada: good evening (she giggled while she went back to the kitchen)

Bishop: you have not been picking my calls

Ada: I have been kind of busy

Bishop: is your husband back from work?

Ada: yes, he is back (she said going back towards the dining). Lest I forget, thank you for the gift. It was perfect. I was surprised

Bishop: when have I never surprised you? You deserve better than that

Ada: this one is ok; my husband would like to talk to you

Bishop: why do you want to set me up for just a small gift

Ada: you dey fear? Bread (a name she calls him back in school when he acted silly

Bishop: Bread!! You no dey forget something?

Bayo: Mr. Bishop good evening

Bishop: good evening sir

Bayo: please stop the formalities and call me Bayo

Bishop: okay sir, sorry.

Bayo: I want to really show my profound gratitude for the wedding gift you gave us. Words cannot express how we feel

Bishop: it’s nothing, I am sorry it’s coming late

Bayo: it’s better late, otherwise we won’t know it’s worth

Bishop: don’t mention. Congratulations on marrying the most beautiful girl I a have ever known.

Bayo: maybe one of these days we can hangout if you don’t mind

Bishop: not at all. I will take a rain check on that

Bayo: no problem, good night (he handed the phone back to Ada)

Bishop: you try well, this set up will not work

Ada: how?

Bishop: he said we should hangout

Ada: he is a party rider just like you

Bishop: those times have passed. My own Eze now goes to church

Ada: na you sabi

Bishop: I will go only one condition

Ada: what might that be

Bishop: you are tagging along

Ada: till then

Bishop: goodnight

Ada: my mum extends her greetings

Bishop: say me hi to her. Send her number so I can put a call across to her

Ada: will send it later.

Everything was blissful all thanks to Bishop. Ada has been keeping her distance from Bishop. But couldn’t for long as he insisted on seeing her, but she knew how vulnerable she was around him. She decided to invite her sister in-law Kemi. She’s single and will make a perfect distraction.


Kemi was the perfect distraction. Kemi has been fully briefed about Bishop, so it was Ada personified. When Kemi went back to school, Bishop will call Ada and asked to see her in respect to Kemi but she always turned him down saying you are matured enough to know what you want. On a certain day, Bishop met Ada at the estate supermarket and they were tagged a couple as they forgot about shopping and talked till they both lost track of time. Ada lost her defenses and let his thoughts creep back in. Kemi’s discussion came up but it was not compared to what they had to say to their self.

Months passed, Everything went back to normal. But Ada and Bishop were waxing stronger in the absence of Kemi.

Kemi couldn’t stay away for too long before she hurried back to town. Kemi once told Ada that she feels Bishop is running away from something or towards something. He feels disconnected from his family and barely have friends. Ada debunked it saying he just came back to the country and with the bad things crawling around, one needs to be careful. You must really know him Kemi said. Ada, tell me about your school days. Ada was reluctant at first but Kemi insisted and Ada bulged. She told her about the Chemistry that was between them and how she friend zoned him while they were in school. Ada brought out old picture which had Bishop in almost all of them. Kemi was wowed as the pictures will only affirm they are dating. But Ada was defensive and since she is married to Bayo with kids, Kemi had no option than to believe her side of the story.

After a while, Bayo will come home reeking of alcohol. When asked, he would just sigh and head for the room. Sometimes he doesn’t even eat his meal, and this got Ada worried. The kids were no longer his priority. He would bark at them as if they were strangers bothering his life. A house that once gave comfort and housed normal people suddenly became a house on fire. There were irregular arguments, shouting at odd hours. Ada has asked a thousand times, what really was the matter but Bayo never gave a definite answer but he kept saying “ soon you will know”.

Ada went through everything in the last month and found nothing she had done wrong. She decided to ignore and endure these trials without lamentation, hoping that one day Bayo will come back to his senses and they will enjoy the bliss of their marriage again.

Ada called Kemi and told her what was happening. Kemi was in town and said she will stop by before she goes back to school.


On Friday of that same week, after Ada dropped the children off at school; she got home and met her husband’s car still parked in the compound. She wondered what could have happened. Going up to the room, she found him still sleeping and snoring like a grunted pig. She walked up to him and tapped him

Ada: Honey, wake up are you not going to work today?

Bayo: (moving his body he said!) No, I want to rest

Ada: what will you like to eat

Bayo: I am not hungry

She sat on the bed and looked at him suspiciously. Deep in thought, I hope all is well because he has really changed these past weeks. At least we will have time to talk about what has been happening. She got under the sheets, wrapped her hands around him and slept off. Before she woke up, he was all dressed up preparing to go out.

Ada: honey, I want to talk to you

Bayo: am listening (he sounded harsh)

Ada: sit down please it will take a while

Bayo: then start talking

Ada: (she started by kneeling down) If there is anything I have done to offend you, please forgive me. Your attitude towards me have changed (she said sobbing). I no longer understand why you act the way you do these days. (she crawled down to his side clutching to his leg on her knees). Why not tell me what I have done and save me from this torture.

Bayo: (knotting his tie with keen interest) so you want to tell me you don’t know what you did or have been doing?

Ada: I don’t know (she sobbed heavily) please tell me so that…………..

Bayo: so that what? (he shouted sharply)

Ada was shocked and moved back to avoid a slap she has foreseen.

Bayo: well, (he continued) when I come back, I will tell you what you did

Ada: thought you said you were no going to work

Bayo: I am not, I want to see an associate

Ada: be careful

Bayo turned and nodded his head like someone who is pitting another.

It was about noon when Bishop called her and asked for a meet but she said she was busy. Bishop being who he is never relents and always persistent

Bishop: so, you are too busy for me

Ada: Not really, just that I have something important I need to take care of

Bishop: it’s kind of important

Ada: please let’s leave it till next week

Bishop: I know when you are angry, do you mind sharing with me?

Ada: please I want to go and pick up the kids from school let’s talk later

Bishop: should I meet you up?

Ada: no, I will call you up later. Then she ended the call.

She got back from the children’s school, prepared their meal and retired to the room. She was restless. All she could think of is how come she offended Bayo without knowing. God please help touch him to forgive me.

She was eagerly awaiting his return but no show. Instead, Kemi came in bearing gifts of fruits. At about 6pm, Ada tried calling Bayo, but his number was not available. Ada and Kemi got into their discussion and she informed Kemi about her ordeal in the hands of her brother. Kemi advised Ada to just be patient till he comes back and tells her offense. Then she can start apologizing.

Kemi: don’t kill yourself over what you don’t know

Kemi came with a gist of her own, a gist filled with youthfulness, a tale of young boys and girls. A tale of parties and unending escapades. They laughed and shared views. Then she said to Kemi

Ada: I remember when I was still in school (throwing her youthful steps) boys will be lining up to take me out

Kemi: I trust you, even now that you are married, they still have their eyes on you.

Ada: Bayo will shoot anyone that comes near me

Kemi: I trust him

Ada: how is Bishop doing?

Kemi: I should be asking you. Is he no longer your neighbour?

Ada: I have been avoiding him these day

Kemi: why, what happened

Ada: I just feel since I have hooked you guys up I should withdraw

Kemi: where are you withdrawing to.

Ada: give you guys space to know each other better

Kemi: I will need expo from you as regards him. He is too gentle for my liking

Ada: if there is one thing, I like about him, it’s his calmness. Ada continued into oblivion. I guess we were too close for comfort. There are times I even want him but because of the respect he has for me, he never makes the move.

Kemi: that sounds like a Ju-man

Ada: I wish, he was tagged ladies’ man. Sometimes I feel jealous when I see him with other girls

Kemi noticed the way she was sounding while narrating and said

Kemi: you love him. So, it was you who lost out of the game

Ada: not really, he was very caring to me. Even when I refused to date him. There is nothing he didn’t do for me back then. I never lacked because he was always attending to my needs.

While she was narrating, Kemi saw her melting away tears rolling down her chin

Kemi: you really loved him

Ada: something like that. I bet you will come to love him too

Kemi: Omo Ibo! Well, we are on it already

Ada went in and brought out the wrist watches Bishop bought for them and handed it over to Kemi

Kemi: wow, he sure knows how to steal a heart.

Ada: I just wish this cross will pass over me.

Kemi: I hope you are not still in love with him? I can’t compete with you in that regard

Ada: I am married to your brother. Moreover, he and Bayo has spoken. They are expecting to meet anytime soon, and I don’t want to be in the cross fire.

Kemi: now that he stays around you; I pity your unexpressed emotions. They will come flooding

Ada: they are but I am happily married she said flaunting her ring

Kemi: I guess we will go and see him tomorrow

Ada: you are on your own in that regard

Kemi: you must go with me or better still you will invite him over.

Kemi looked at her time and it was past eleven. Then she asked

Kemi: does my brother always come back this late?

Ada: not at all, I guess he went out with friends. Today is Friday

Kemi: I need to rest my body

Ada: you need it, I will wait a while before I go to bed

Kemi: Goodnight………

Not long after Kemi went to bed, Bayo came banging on the door as if he was being chased

What now!!!


The banging on the door was not funny, who could it be at this ungodly hour. Ada summoned courage and approached the door because she was expecting her husband. Kemi was awake as well but didn’t show up as she took refuge in the children’s room

Ada: who is it? She asked mildly

Bayo: Woman! Open this door

Ada: am coming (she hurriedly opened the door)

Bayo: how long will it take you to open the door? He walked pass her and sighed

Ada: welcome

Bayo looked at her irritatingly and headed upstairs, then he turned sharply and asked

Bayo: how is your boyfriend?

Ada: you are drunk was the next thing she said

Bayo: I asked you a question and you tell me I am drunk?

Ada: please I don’t want your trouble tonight, allow go and sleep

Bayo: come back here, he pulled her gown

Ada: Bayo, please stop the children are asleep

Bayo: should they rather be awake. He shouted

All these while Kemi and the children were awake listening to everything they were saying. In-between their conversation, an argument ensued; things started falling apart. Ada ran away from her husband’s grip and headed for the kitchen. Bayo followed her and asked her to come out and tell me if what I have been hearing is a lie. I travelled for just a week and the next thing is stories. I did not believe it till I saw it myself this morning. Come out and defend yourself.

He snuck up to where she was and pulled her by the hair into the living room. He gave her no room for explanation. He beat her mercilessly. She felt helpless and her eyes landed on a vase. She picked it and smashed it on his head. He fell and held is head. At this time Ada ran into the room and locked the door but Bayo being Bayo followed up even with blood dripping from his head. The children were crying, and Kemi kept them all locked in her arms. Kemi did not believe was she was experiencing. Bayo continued banging on the door. Ada was crying helplessly but Bayo was insistent on entering that door necessary. He went back to the kitchen and picked up the pestle then he headed for the room. The first bang on the door got Ada on her feet as she peep out the window but no one was there to help her. She was praying but the bang on the door cut short the prayer as she needed to do something. After a successful hit the door was wide open. Bayo held his pestle above his head with the intention of hitting Ada but the next we heard was a gunshot. Followed by a thud. Suddenly there was golden silence, nobody knows what happened. But there was silence. The fight has ended.

Then came a whisper from the window of the children’s room. The voice was calling repeatedly Ifeanyi, Oby, Chioma. Kemi tried to cover their mouths but Ifeanyi answered with a whisper. Bishop asked him to open the door. Ifeanyi was going towards the door when Kemi pulled him back and asked in a low voice

Kemi: do you know the person

Ifeanyi: yes, Uncle Bishop

She accompanied him to the door and asked the others to stay put. Kemi opened the door and Bishop dashed in with the gateman and some neighbours who were available

Bishop: where are they?

Ifeanyi pointed towards their room upstairs. Bishop ran upstairs and found Ada battered. She cried louder when she saw who came to her rescue (Bishop) She held onto him tight and never want to let go. The security man then tapped Bishop on the back pointing at the lifeless body of Mr. Fakumo in a pool of Blood. He let go of her and went to him, he was lying face down. Bishop turned him up and notice that the bullet touched him on the chest and checked for vitals. He was breathing, he asked for car keys and one of the neighbour offered to drive them. Bishop carried Mr. Fakumo’s lifeless body and headed for the car. Ada followed them to the hospital leaving Kemi with the kids. Kemi watched them running around without offering any help. She shut the door as soon as they left and put the kids back to bed assuring them that everything will be fine.

The road to the hospital was free. On getting there, the car was directed to the emergency unit with a team of medical personnel on standby. The doctor on call insisted on reporting the case to the police before the commencement of treatment. Its protocol the doctor said. While Mr. and Mrs. Fakumo were being attended to, Bishop and the neighbour were at the reception awaiting the arrival of the police. Three hours later, the police arrived. Mr. Fakumo was placed on Intensive Care Unit, while Mrs. Fakumo was treated for bruises. The police asked a question and Bishop answered immediately

Bishop: It’s a case of domestic violence

Police: and you are?

Bishop: Friend of the family and neighbour (pointing at their neighbour)

The police got their address and promised to come as soon as it was dawn, and they wanted their full cooperation. Not long, Bishop and the neighbour took Ada home and made sure she was well settled before they left for their houses.


At dawn, the weather was cold (due to the rain) and questions about the previous night was hovering the air. The place was filled with people jostling for firsthand information.

The police were everywhere searching for the best and possible report from anyone was willing to give.

Mrs Fakumo’s Statement

My husband came back late at about 2am on that day. I asked him where he was coming from; instead of giving me an answer, he slapped me and said he has been hearing stories of my infidelity. I told him not to turn tables and give me an answer instead he started beating me to tell him the truth. He kept on beating me with no intention of stopping. So I decided to run in a bid to defend myself.

I told him not to come closer, but he wouldn’t listen, I had no choice than to shoot. I did not intend to kill him

Bishop’s Statement

At about 3am on the 4th of april 2012, I heard screams that woke me up. The noise was coming from my neighbours compound. I called my friends and the security around, but they wouldn’t interfere at that ungodly hour. So, I decided to go and see if I could help. I guess I was late, because on getting there Mr. Fakumo was already in a pool of blood.

That morning, Bayo’s parents arrived after Kemi told them there was a fight and a gun was involved. They met the house in a mess and asked to see their soon and was told that he was in the hospital. Kemi narrated what transpired but as her parents read the situation, it was their son that was hospitalized. So, he was the victim. The father hurriedly went to the hospital to check on his son but could only be allowed to see him through the glass. Bayo he exclaimed

Bayo’s mum was in the house harassing Ada but Kemi came to her defense only to be called a bastard for not defending her brother. Ada’s mother arrived and located her child all covered in plasters and bandages. She picked her daughter up and went into the room only to find it more messed up than the sitting room. Door broken, congealed blood on the floor, window shattered. She had no time to ask questions but became tidying the house. Kemi joined her but Bayo’s mother was just lamenting about the conspiracy to kill her son. Finally, when she noticed nobody had her time, she joined her husband in the hospital. She was finally asked to leave the hospital because she was cursing, shouting and disturbing everyone in white that walked pass her.


On Monday of the next week, Bayo’s mother stomped the house with policemen with an arrest warrant for Ada and Bishop for the attempted murder of Mr Fakumo. Everything took a new twist. Ada’s mum confronted her but Bayo’s mum said “my son cannot be in medical prison and she is here enjoying herself. They will be there until my son comes back to life and we hear his part of the story.

The press was not left out, their report on this matter was exclusive

The Punch – Man murdered by wife and boyfriend

The Sun – Woman and lover shoot husband

The Tide – Man hospitalized after surviving gunshot from wife and lover boy

Bayo was in the hospital for about a week while Ada and Bishop were in police custody for the same duration. Bayo just came back to life and his mother was compounding his health as regards decisions taken on his behalf while he was in coma. He asked of his wife, but nobody gave him a reply. There was too much noise emanating from the room, then a nurse came in and ushered them all out. Kemi was the only left to stay back.

Kemi was seating beside her brother but concentrating on the network news on the television. She stole glances at her brother until at one point, their eyes met. Then Bayo broke the silence.

Bayo: what is all that look for?

Kemi: can’t I look at you again? She retorted

Bayo: if there is something bugging you why not say it

Kemi: there’s nothing, I am just disappointed at what you did to your wife (Ada)

Bayo: what did I do? Am I not the one lying here.

Kemi: does being here exonerate you from what you did? She and her friend are at the station suffering for your baseless suspicions.

Bayo: you had better put your mouth where it concerns you young lady (he snarled at her sitting up)

Silence engulfed the room for some minutes. Then Kemi continued

Kemi: I was there, I saw it all. How it started. You didn’t even remember I was coming that day. (she continued without stopping). The person you were up against was the same person who risked his life in the dead of the night to rush your lifeless body to the hospital. He did it because he loved your wife but that was ages ago. Hope you are okay because the condition for granting them bail is your recovery. (Bayo was quiet listening to Gods voice). You came in all drunk and accusing her. You hit her first, I saw everything. I just couldn’t interfere because I was ashamed of you. My brother, a woman beater. I was irritated.

While you were comatose, you became famous. Kemi threw some newspaper cuts on his bed. See how you made it to the paper. Now that you are awake, the press will come calling for your own side of the story. I guess this time the headlines will change depending on what you want it to be.

Ada showed me a gold wrist watch and I was very sure it wasn’t from Dangote. I guess this is the best time to protect your interest. He is in jail she whispered

I just thought I should let you know my part in this. Get well soon (she stood up rubbed his leg and headed for the door)

Bayo: where are you going?

Kemi: to school, I have exams to prepare for

Bayo: come let me explain.

Kemi: save it for those who need it (she left)

Bayo: was perplexed at his sister’s outburst. He called out her name, but she didn’t look back


After Bayo was discharged from the hospital, he persuaded his mother to go and release Ada and Bishop as he has decided to withdraw the case from court.

Bishop asked to call his lawyer (Joy) to come bail him out. A young lady came in her traditional black and white. She wasn’t just beautiful, she was also smart in reasoning. She was the youngest SAN to have emerged from Nigeria at age 29. She had suitors immediately after her law school, but she turned them down in a bit to pursue her career which was not doing bad at all. Her presence as lawyer was intimidating. She insisted on seeing the DPO for the unlawful detainment of the suspects after 24 hours. They were eventually granted bail and Joy met Ada for the first time and assured her that everything will be alright.

Ada went home with her mother to recover from the trauma Bayo and his family has put him through. Schools were on vacation already and the children were safe at her mother’s place. Bayo kept calling but Ada ignored them. He sent series of apology messages, but she read them and ignored its contents.

Days passed, Ada went home hoping her husband would be at work. She needed change of clothes and some necessary things. While she was packing, Bayo kept begging and blamed the devil for all that has happened

Bayo: (on his knees) Please Ada, forgive my mother for how she treated you

Ada: see who is talking (she laughed sarcastically), you are not even apologizing for what you did, but for your parents who are enjoying the bliss of their marriage

Bayo: I acted on suspicion

Ada: suspicion of who? Bishop of all people. The one person told you about, that you spoke with on phone and was inviting him over? The one who gave you the gold watch you are flaunting about. I am highly disappointed in you. I am beginning to regret marrying you.

Bayo: I am sorry for how stupid I acted. It will never happen again (with tears rolling down his eyes)

Ada: that is if I will be here to ever allow such happen again. If at all I want to cheat on you, do you think I will be naïve enough to get caught. Come too think of it (she said facing him). What did you do wrong that makes you think I will pay you back by cheating on you?

Bayo: nothing at all (he said trying to defend himself)

Ada: I just need sometime to cool off. When the case is withdrawn from court, then we will talk about settling this matter within our families. Before I make my decision.

Bayo: please don’t do this to me, I promise to make it up to you

Bayo’s plea bargain was cut short by the bang on the gate. As if the landlord has come to collect an accumulated rent. Bayo looked through the window and excused himself. Ada stopped what she was doing and went to the window to see who it was. It was her mother-in-law. The renowned educationist, the mother superior of the immaculate white garment church. A proud mother of ten children, a retired counsellor from the ministry of women affairs, second to none when it comes to motherhood. Who else would you have picked to be your mother-in-law? Ada came back to her consciousness when the parlour door was knocked, then she realized the catalyst of her problem has resurfaced. She hurriedly locked the door and continued her packing. Bayo came to the door and was knocking but she didn’t open

Bayo; Ada please open the door (he begged leaning on the door)

Ada: I will be with you shortly (she said zipping the last of her bags)

Bayo: Mama is around come and greet her

Ada: I know, I heard her voice and will be out in a minute

Mama: how long does it take to open an ordinary door, she said pushing her way in

Bayo: ekaro ma

Mama: where’s Ada, didn’t she hear my voice

Bayo: she’s having her bath

Mama: okay (mumbling under her breath)

Ada came into the sitting room strolling in with a care free attitude

Ada: good morning ma (she greeted and maintained her distance by sitting on the dining far away from the devil

Mama: (talking to Bayo in a low tone) hope she is Okay?

Bayo: yes, she is. Ada please get water for Mama to drink

Mama: don’t worry, I am okay for now (this one she’s looks at me like this)

Ada stayed a while and the disappeared into the bedroom leaving mother and son in the sitting room to continue their bonding

Mama: how is she taking everything?

Bayo: ha!! There is fire on the mountain

Mama: Kilode

Bayo: she is packing her things as we speak

Mama: Iro oh, what did you do this time?

Bayo; I have not done anything new, it’s the same issue on ground, we have not been able to resolve it. She’s still angry

Mama: that small thing? Next week we will withdraw the case. Let me go and talk to her

Bayo: (held his mother back) don’t go, she is angry with you too

Mama: Me how? what did I do?

Bayo: you were the one that arrested them (Bayo said itching his head)

Mama: its not like that, I acted based on what I heard. Moreover its just the guy we asked them to arrest, you know all these police people; they will want to arrest everybody around in a bid to get more money from bail. She is my daughter, I wouldn’t do that to her (she said walking towards Ada’s room). Where is she? Ada my daughter come lets iron this issue out.

Ada hurriedly hid her bags under the bed and went to open the door. Mama embraced her and rubbed her back saying don’t be offended my child. I didn’t mean to put you through all these. The police acted on their own. While they were still embraced, Ada smirked at the excuses. Bayo appeared at the door and Ada released herself from Mama’s grip.

Ada: its ok ma, I have forgiven you

Mama: thank you, oni se agbako

Ada: Amin

As soon as Mama left the house, Ada called a cab who picked up her luggage and left the house.


On the day of the court hearing, everything went on smoothly but there was a mild drama in court. All parties involved were present. Ada and Bishop as the accused on one side while Bayo was at the other end with his family. The presiding judge came in with a stern face and took her seat. As the case was being called, she hushed the clerk.

Judge: I am very interested in this case and now I am seeing an application for withdrawal. Woman, why is he the one suing you in the first place? You should be the one suing him. This is a case of domestic violence and it is in no way tolerated in the society (she said in a loud voice so that everyone will hear). Mr. Bayo, you are lucky you did not die from that gunshot. I would have dismissed this case on the grounds of self-defense. That you want to settle out of court is not an excuse to resort to violence. Ada I will give you my number, any day he as much as threaten you verbally. Just call and he will be reprimanded. Application granted! She said hitting her gavel


Bayo heaved a sigh of relieve because the way the judge was venting, he thought the application would be denied. Ada met Bayo outside the courtroom and delivered a message from her family

Ada: now that the case has been withdrawn, my people have asked to see you and your people over the weekend to trash out this issue and find a lasting solution.

Bayo: okay, I will tell them

Ada: see you then.

It was weekend and all road led to Ada’s house. Bayo and his entourage arrived at noon and noticed there was a mini preparation for the guest.

When everyone was in assembly, Bishop also arrived with his sister and some friends. Bayo felt uneasy on seeing Bishop. He is not supposed to be here. He thought

Ada’s mother hugged Bishop with so much adulation. This got him jealous, but he had no choice than to focus on the matter at hand. Everyone was seated, and the meeting began

An elderly rose and introduced himself as Uncle Ken.

Ken: we have come and arranged this setting just as it was during your first visit here i.e. your introduction. There is an addition he said pointing towards Bishop who was busy adjusting himself. Bayo please step forward and seat here.

Bayo did as he was told and approached with all calmness and humble reverence as if approaching the altar for communion.

Ken: do you know why you and your family were invited here today?

Bayo: yes sir, I do

Ken: enlighten us please

Bayo: we are here today to beg for forgiveness from my wife and her family over our actions. I am very sorry and promise it will never happen again

Ken: you can sit, but I have a series of questions for you. What moved you to batter her

Bayo: I was drunk, and I didn’t know what came over me

Ken: does that mean anytime you are drunk, you beat her up? (he looked around and heard satisfactory murmurs from all angles)

Bayo: no sir, it just happened. It’s the devil

Ken: does she have a boyfriend?

Bayo: NO!

Ken: so, who bought the gun in the house and why?

Bayo: I did and it’s for security reasons

Ken; was it right that she shot you?

Bayo: (the question came as a shock) at that time yes

Ken: then why did you arrest her

Bayo: I didn’t arrest her, my mother did (mother superior tried to hide her face, but everyone knew who she was)

Ken: do you know that young man? He said pointing towards Bishop

Bayo: yes, I do

Ken: what is his role in this saga?

Bayo: he helped rush me to the hospital

Ken: so literally, you owe him your life. That’s all. You can go back to your seat. I asked all these questions to get clarification as regards the news being circulated. and in everything we still find no reason that best explains his actions.

Bayo’s father pleaded that he be given the floor to say a few words. Uncle Ken permitted him

Bayo’s father: I am sorry that we have put your family through pain, grief and regret in the past week. There is no excuse that will justify my sons’ action. I have never laid my hands on his mother after about 42 years of marriage. It’s a shame to me when I heard everything from my daughter. I also want to apologize on behalf of my wife who ordered their arrest even after I objected but in her defense I will say she was only being a mother. My family and I have erred and all we want is your forgiveness and our wife so we can go and rebuild our family. Please accept our apology.

He signaled for things to be brought forward. Hot drinks and a basket filled with fruits

Please accept this peace offering.

To my son Bishop, you helped saved my sons life. I am forever in your debt. You are a good man, forget the stories around town. Your father will be very proud of you just as I am. My family and I will be forever grateful to you.

Uncle Ken walked up to Bayo’s father and shook his hands. You have spoken well my friend but there is more to it. He picked up two envelops and handed it over to him.

Uncle Ken: these two envelops contains some vital documents. Which we have in our archive if such repeats itself again. Go ahead and open them one at a time and pass it to everyone that came with you here today. He opened it with caution. First was a divorce paper. He looked stunned and passed it to mother superior who also looked surprised before she passed it on. Then came the next from the envelop, money in different denominations. Uncle Ken said go on and count it. Bayo’s father counted it thrice and arrived at 3250 naira and handed back the envelop to Uncle ken who received it and asked him to return to his seat.

Uncle Ken: the first envelop you all understand but the second one is the bride price you paid for our daughter. The denominations you saw there signifies that everyone who took a dime from it has willingly returned it because of the news that our daughter was beaten to stupor. We can do this now, but you have spoken well, and we will keep this envelop safe incase you need it. Or do you need it now? he asked aloud. They responded no. so Bayo you will desist from laying your fingers on her. If you have a problem with our daughter, come to any of us. We birthed her, she will be scolded. Do you understand?

Bayo nodded in agreement. Then Ada’s mother went with her crew and started dishing out food.

Uncle Ken continued saying, we have a new addition into our family Bishop come and sit down amongst us. At times it amazes me that from the worst of situations we tend to meet people of unquestionable character. Is that not so my in-laws? They responded to him affirmatively. He is now your in-law as well. Please bring their wife for them

Ada came out like a new bride with her friends, amongst them was Kemi Bayo’ sister. They all thought she was in school that was why she was not invited in the first place. Her parents sat upright looking at her as a betrayer who couldn’t stand by her people. Ada and Bayo were prayed for by both families.

When they were about to leave, Bishop found his way to Kemi’s side and went down on one knee and offered her a ring. Kemi was mesmerized, she pushed her way out of the corner like a rat being chased. The girls around were happy for her. Kemi’s parents didn’t understand what the heck was going at the other end.

Uncle Ken called everyone to other and tried to explain what was happening with a lump full of meat in his mouth and choked. When he recovered, he called out Bayo’s father and said “it has happened” our newly adopted son has found your fruit in our house. Remember we have come to collect the debt you owe our son, even though it was recently incurred. Or do you have any objection to it?

Bayo’s father was dumb founded at the turn of events. Normally people come to your house to ask for your daughters’ hand in marriage. The reverse seems to be the case in this regard. If Kemi accepts him who am I to object especially now that we are here to mend bridges. With this union, I pray for permanent solidification of our families.























































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