Don’t Wear Me a Mask!

Three angels descended, bearing gifts for a modern Nigerian girl
named Chinwendu.
The angels met a certain girl,
a perfect fit for the description,
but they couldn’t recognize her face —
Chinwendu now goes by Wendy.
Dissatisfied, the angels returned with their gifts to the creator.

Once again, the creator sent the angels back
with rewards for another Nigerian girl named Osinachi.
Upon arrival, they could not find Osinachi,
for she has rebranded to Sinach.
Name doesn’t sound Nigerian,
so the angels argued amongst themselves,
“are we really in Nigeria?”
They consulted their map,
it said “green”
even their compass showed “green” too,
but they couldn’t find Osinachi.
The angels again, departed.
Mission unaccomplished.

Once more, a sick girl named Oluwabukola
cried out to the creator’s hearing.
He sent His angels to heal Oluwabukola.
Upon arrival, they found someone else:
nurses called her Bucky.
Family and friends called her Bucky too,
but she looked so much like Oluwabukola.
“She’s certainly not the one,
this one must be from Europe too.”
After much deliberation,
the angels departed again,
leaving Bucky to her fate —
for their order was to heal Oluwabukola,
and not Bucky.

Again, the Creator heard the prayer of a lucky man named Tochukwu.
He summoned His three angels,
ordered them not to fail this time,
but make sure they find and bless the right soul.
Upon arriving Tochukwu’s location,
they found a good man named Toks.
The angels were so tempted to bless him,
he seemed a very good man.
But the Creator was loud and clear —
“they mustn’t rob Peter to pay Paul.”
So, they depart again with their blessings,
to the Creator.

Please don’t wear me a mask.
My name is Chinecherem,
don’t call me Neche, or Chere, or Nec.
I won’t answer,
lest I miss my Angels too.

First published @Kalahari Review, all rights reserved.

4 thoughts on “Don’t Wear Me a Mask!” by Darlington Chukwunyere (@Darlinscript)

  1. Adesokan Abdulafeez (@adeabdul)

    Nice one but your name is too long. I’ll probably call you chineche. Lolz

    1. Loz. Just call me Darlington. Lolz. Thanks for reading.

  2. Kleavajimcy (@Kleavajimcy)

    Nice piece.

    Kindly contact me on whatsapp if you’re interested in writing and getting paid. I am a freelance writer and I sometimes need more hands.



    1. Okay, Victor, I’ll send you a dm

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