When Jide Badmus writes poems, he writes poems that grip you like a vice. When he writes, the prison walls are broken and hearts are amended like the sun rising from the East in a beautiful morning to enlighten the earth of its beauty. He is an exceptional poet from others with wit and gut so powerful and enormous and vast that one begins to wonder how he is able to cook up some of his lines. He is out of this world! He is a poet that brings the mind and the soul and the body together in a very erotica manner that makes you wonder how he s able to bring his words in agreement to each other mesmerizing the mind in a sensational and pleasurable understanding. He writes to create an atmosphere of love, hatred, rejection, hope, historic pleasure, discrimination and mostly, of dreams and faith of the coming of age. Hope don’t die in his pen, erotic love resurrects at the mention of his poems.

He gives you reasons to write and sip from what you have written like a hot coffee, like tasty liquid words; holding water, fire and determination. Jide is that one poet that holds history between his biro and his finger without getting discouraged. His words are magical holding this generation of writers to mind of their own. One bad thing about him is that his writings are spiced up with ingredients that leave you helpless and hopeless journeying gently word to word. His poems have a way of giving you expectation and the optimistic reasons to want more of its juice.

However, he is a very dynamic writer evolving and spinning from time to time, building and developing many approaches of making the work of poetry enticing to the eyes and also to the mind. His poems may not be as long as the third mainland bridge in Lagos but his lines are priceless and meaningfully crafted. To remain, to stay now and forever without sagging out of its juicy content, a mind buster line perfectionist, he rides effortlessly with a determined instinct and insight so rare to come by. Jide is a man of many colours—Erotica, satirical and sensational poetry. I describe him as a man of many spirits. He understands what writing is. He knows how to capture the mind of his readers and take them to a near heavens and paradise that can sustain their ability to imagine what he has in mind. A clever, thundering, tantalizing and extreme keen ride with Jide’ poetry takes you to ecstasy and under the world of creativity and return you to yourself with different approaches to everything you have read. He writes with passion flowing within him courageously.

When he writes, cracked fences are repaired and deteriorated emotions and feelings are healed. Children find home for knowledge in his poetry and the Elites are left smiling journeying though each of his lines. He is genuine with words, a kind hearted man of the people holding reveries of the African side of poetry. He has the subtle power and prowess of many well woven works of his own, nothing seems to be missing in his writings; nothing seems to come in separation of his lines, they meet in a favourable route and cross paths vigorously. In his verses, dexterity and dynamism are two element of clarity they rely on. He is full of surprises, he writes with clarity so rare to find among others. He writes with guided principles, policies, certitude and forthrightness without forgetting the issue at stake or compromising with his lay down principles. I can’t remember who made which suggestions but I couldn’t have been myself if I didn’t write down how creative Jide Badmus is to this generation of writers.

He captures innocence, dance of seduction and outsmarts soaring Eagle embraces. He understands his ability to tell stories to individual’ minds, those minds like ours and those who have been here before us. He understands the fierce pleasure and enthralling atmosphere of change and he has chosen to write poems that would last for ages. A close look at some of his poems will make you understand that he don’t just write for praises and accolades or awards, he writes them just like his muse brings them to him. He takes his time; he takes his imaginative thinking to write those poems. Writers will understand what it means to create lines and make them follow effortlessly in the mind of the readers. Not every writer out there understands this; one thing is to write and the other is to carry your readers alone with you because if you cannot carry your readers along as you proceed line by line they won’t find your work fascinating and appealing. Jide Badmus is one of those poets I know that carry their readers along with them. He first holds his readers in mind and make sure he walks with them without losing any of them. You see the reason why when he wrote about Coffee and so many poets on facebook followed him. They wrote their own version of Coffee. It was fun to all, had it been that that poem was not understood by those poets who wrote their own version, they wouldn’t have written theirs.

Meanwhile, he just doesn’t write but he does that on purpose, a purpose which many who follow him would understand reading through his thoughts. He writes a coming of age poems, he writes today’s verse and that of yesterday; a poem that stays even when everything is gone. He has a unique style of writing, his own unique style not from anyone else. His uniqueness involves brevity, wit and understanding of his readers. Maybe I’ll call him grand master because he is well committed to the well-being and development of every word of art, lines and stanza of his poems. When Jide Badmus writes, he engages your mind with what to think and reminisce of until he writes another.

© John Chizoba Vincent


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