A Call Not To Answer

Every seconds the phone keep ringing

Every minute a soul goes on a journey

A journey of no coming back

Many are answering the call

A call not to answer


It is…When a soul is losing it all out

When a life is threatening to end it all

All because of life throws one unfair cards

Then the phone of depression is ringing and vibrating pick me

A call not to answer


When life is blossoming so full of life

And life flows on high some ways

The thread goes on and on as tomorrow never dies

But if tomorrow never comes

A call not to answer


If tomorrow never comes

And life’s goals and aspiration falls apart

That the centers cannot hold

Shattered away when hope is gone

Faith becomes slim


Life got your line

Life dials your line

The phone of your life starts ringing

Depression set in been accompany by his cousin frustration

And that is a call not to yield


Each one…hold one

Reach out to that friend of yours

Make sure you stand as leg to the shaky legs

Bring hope back to the street called hope

Encourage and lift up the fallen


Strength the weak in heart

Heal the wounded soul in mind and body

Bring peace to weary heart

And press the red button when depression and frustration calls

Because is a must call that must not be answer by all and sundry


Saying no to depression never allow anyone frustrate you

#Depression #Frustration #Suicide

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