The Sex Machine 6 (18+)

I could almost predict what happened next, but I was still doubting because I could remember vividly her father. He was the most gentle man I’ve ever met, I am finding it difficult to believe my ears, it all just seems like a dream.

A drop of tear came running down her cheek which was adsorbed by the mattress, I’m sure the mattress will be wet already.

She then continued, immediately the door was opened I saw him standing tall with a big smile on his face. He said “hello my grown up daughter, I’ll like to speak with you and it’s very important.

I let him in as I was interested in whatever he has to say, after all he’s my father and he knows more than me. He started by saying he understood that my mom still think me a small girl, but he thinks I am grown up now and as such I need to be thought somethings about maturity. I was so much interested in what he wanted to say, I feel a bit happy that my dad thinks of me a grown up, I have forgotten all that has happened between us in the past, “it’s time to look to the future”, so I told myself.

I guess he also noticed that he’s got my attention so he continued by asking me if I was sexually active, I felt a little bit uncomfortable sharing such information with him at first but after some thinking, I decided to answer, and my answer of course as you would have guessed is no. After hearing me say no, I noticed he had this wow look on his faced but quickly covered it up. So he continued, “are you telling me you are still a virgin? Of course yes I answered him, this time almost shouting, I mean what kind of question is that, even though I like the fact that he calls me a big girl, I am not ignorant of my young age.

He then apologized for asking such a question, he said he wanted to confirm if I was still a good girl cus girls of this generation are spoilt. Which I totally understood cus I know how girls of my age back at school behaves. I could remember vividly how Janet was being doggied on the wall by our maths teacher, she was practically screaming I thought she was being beaten until one moment I heard her shout “deeper sir deeper”. It’s the end time I guess.

So this time my dad moved closer to me looking serious as if he wanted to tell me something important, then I moved back a little because the closeness made me felt awkward, I mean I could feel his warm breathe. The tension in the room was building up, so I had to do something, I told my dad that I was feeling sleepy that anything he had to say can wait till tomorrow morning. He interrupted using an adage which I don’t clearly understand “Words that requires to be said by night are not said in the morning”, so I told him to go straight to the point, I wish I didn’t say that.

It was like I released the beast in him, with the speed of light he ripped open my cover cloth revealing my still developing breast, the shock took me away for a while making me to drift away from reality by the time I could process what was happening, he was already holding my breast tightly, squeezing it like money was hidden in it. I reacted by slapping him but that didn’t have any effect on him, he was like a mad man or better still a hungry lion, he held me down pinning me to the ground, I tried pushing him away but my strength is not enough, it was like a zebra trying to fight it’s way out of the grip of a fierce lion. I screamed louder when he let himself in me, it was the greatest pain I have ever experienced in my whole like, I could feel the warm strong hard object forcing it’s way into me and destroying any obstacles that comes it’s way. This is the end of me I thought.

What? My sudden outburst knocks her out of the story back to our room. But he is your father I asked with surprise and disgust on my face. She answered “that is the same question I have been asking my self since the incident and I’ve not really gotten any satisfactory answer”.

I was about to ask her what she did about it when she continued. After he had satisfied his hunger, I was lieing motionless on the bed, I had screamed and screamed but to no use, so I just lie flat and took in every bit of him hoping the next one would be the last one. When he was done he looked at me, and he reacted as if he had been possessed by an evil spirit all along, he stood up and said “what have I done”. Hearing him utter those words brought this rage him me that if I had the strength I could have strangled him.

I managed to crawl down from the bed, he wanted to help me but I pushed him away with the little strength I had left. I crawled into the bathroom and looked the door, I put on the shower and I was in it all night, I could barely hear him beg and cried at the other side of the door but I wasn’t even listening I was just feeling the comforting touch of the water. I almost peeled off my skin with my nails while trying to remove every trace of his touch on my body. Every part of my vagina felt like fire, for a moment I felt I was going to die because the pain was unbearable. When did he became like this? I asked myself all through the night… 

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