Rack Life

I stayed put at my corner exuding my shine and beauty when you walked in with your richness and appeal. The air-condition relieved you as traces of sweat on your forehead vanished like steam. You threw a fancy glance at me and acknowledged my allure with a smile – our first connection.

You exchanged pleasantries with my Mistress who welcomed you with a chair to rest your legs. You glanced around as you took your seat and once again froze your gaze at me. You turned to her and pointed at me with the tip of your index finger. She gestured my way. You stood up and walked across to me. The tap of your shoe clicking against the marble pounded louder than my anxiety. You took careful look at my body, even fiddled a bit with it. I sat poised and surrendered myself to your inspection. I curved in the right places like you loved them. Your fingers couldn’t stop caressing my velvet-smooth skin – our second connection.

After your assessment you strolled back to your seat to negotiate my cost.

“I want this beauty,” you said, with the confidence of someone who splurges cash at desires.

“This one doesn’t come cheap,” my Mistress said, smiling. As a new recruit I still had all my qualities intact, untainted by time or your kind. She told you how much I cost and you reached for your bag and got out the full cash in mint notes. She acknowledged your payment, brought me forth and handed me over to you. You both sealed the transaction with a smile and you walked away with me as your own for the night and beyond.

When we got to your home you couldn’t wait to feel my inner walls. The eagerness flashed in your eyes, like sunshine on mirror. Then you went into the bathroom to freshen up.

You stepped out to the sound of your ringing phone and scurried over to get it on the cupboard where you dropped it. It was your friends, they were on their way to pick you up for a party. You hit the wardrobe, got out a good dress and flung it on the plush bed where I waited for you. You fancied up for the party, ignoring me. For a moment I doubted we would unionise. But then, you turned around and grimaced, like you were contrasting things in your mind. You approached the bed, took me in your hands and dug into me, expanding my way the deeper you penetrated. A sigh of relief escaped your parted lips as my tightness brought you the desired pleasure – our third connection.

After our union you couldn’t wait to show me off to your friends. When you arrived the party grounds, you sauntered in a way to ensure that everybody took notice of us both. You sat with your right leg crossed over your left, letting the parting on your gown sit directly above your lap as the rest of it draperied downwards. You swirled your wine in the glass and indulged in the discussions, beaming with enthusiasm. You couldn’t help but caress me at intervals, drawing more attention to me. “Beautiful one you got,” your pals commended, and you nodded in acceptance. It’s your intent I’m seen and praised, even envied.


Weeks passed and so did months. And with each passing one you paid lesser and lesser attention to me as new ones kept coming and dust on me kept piling. My once shiny and beautiful self turned pale and forgotten; all the connections we had, lost like an aborted child. Then I became just another shoe in the rack, like I was before you bought me.

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  1. Wow……..

    this is a really brilliant piece. You make a touching story out of what would be an ordinary everyday occurence.

    Well done!!!

    1. Zenas Ubere (@ZenasUbere)

      Thank you sir.

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