Letters: To An Exceptional Youth Leader And Great Thinker, Soul’e Rhymez


I will hate myself if I fail to acknowledge your impact in my life. You stood to defend my art when the storm came. You came to my inbox some years back, 2016 precisely to tell me to keep writing when they said I wasn’t good enough to be a writer. I wanted to give up writing then but your words encouraged me and I was able to find my ground again. You were among the few people here who stood by me and attacked my attackers. And there is no way my success story would be complete without your name on one of the pages. You are a star if you don’t know about that, just know it today. You colours and glows in many ways; many may not like you because you think beyond what they think about or rather you are better than them because no one would likely pull anything below him rather he will always aim at those things above him. One of those things I learnt from you over these years is to think beyond what the normal people are thinking, to think differently; out of the box.
There are many theories and principles which you have propagated and they are helping many young people out there. There are many lives you have touched through your articles and online lectures and one of those people is me. There are many people you have really helped to channel their footsteps to where they suppose to be, you guided them through your words to a certain level to achieving their dreams. Many people will fight you whenever you try to change their long time beliefs; it is a saying that when a new saying gets to the land of common men, they lose their senses. I see the fight as nothing because people won’t fight anyone that is not saying the truth, once you are uprooting the truth and fact about a particular people or things; you certainly see people that would go against you.
Moreover, it is one of our duties as writers to write purposefully, to keep writing things the way we’ve seen it. Not everyone will like what we have written, not everybody would attest to the fact within our write ups, some will while some won’t but we must not be disturbed by those who don’t really like what we’ve written. Remember you thought me this, maybe you might have forgotten about it. You wrote to me that I should keep writing and thriving and striving to achieve the intended goals I have in mind that if everybody likes my work; that the work is as good as being useless. I learnt that from you and now, the voice is getting ticker and braver. Your words are gold to those who see beyond the black ink used in writing them. You are beyond what they thought you are. Keep flourishing, keep blossoming and remember, there are many people who look up to you daily and there are many people out there that must follow you day and night, come rain, come sun. I am not ashamed to call you a friend, I am not ashamed to know you, I am not ashamed to call you an exceptional leader of our time neither am I ashamed to call you great thinker of our time. my heart beat for you, my spirit seek for your kind of your person. Never give up on your quest for a newer world where everyone is sole responsible for himself, where everyone is guilty of himself; where everyone is bothered about how to lift others so that living would be a sweet adventure.
We may not have seen many years agony except that day you invited me in your office for a meeting. It was fun meeting you. It was a life changing encounter with you but I’ll love to keep that for another day. Another day we would sit together in high places to tell the audience how we came about our good fortunes. How we break through struggles and worthless hate to be where are. We will tell them how many hurdles we have to pass to achieve our goals. I envisioned a great man each time I behold your face. Indeed I see a man of great passion. I see a man that has vision for the coming generation. I see a man that will lead the youths to a home of peace. I see a man that is selfless and humble though his arrogant attitude is to some extent. I see peace each time I see your face. Keep moving man for the world needs a great thinker like you. Later, I would be telling the world about you as I have started scribing your name on the marble of greatness. The history will recognize you. One good thing about humanity is that you rise raising others.
Meanwhile, I must tell you that I am afraid of those people I know than those people I don’t know because those you know will hurt you dearly than those you don’t know. Those you don’t know will be afraid of you, coming closer would be a difficult tasks to them. I will urge you to keep doing what you know how to do best. Keep pushing and pray that one day, your voice will be reckoned somewhere in the world and by some people who value knowledge and wisdom. Brother, we are moving; I think you understand what I meant by that. I was supposed to tell you about my affairs, about the consequences of heartbreak and the issue with beauty and those fragments that are hidden behind it, but I won’t tell you this here but promise to let you know about it later when we see face to face. i have promised myself that I will train children not genders. I will look after my boys and my girls; I’ll build a nation of greatness holding onto love. You know that having and knowing is a different thing entirely? You know that… I won’t be lock away in self-pity when tomorrow comes; when those children of symbols shall be asking why, how, what happened, when, then, I will have the gut to tell them how I was able to build myself in motion and drive from a man like you. I’m still learning. I’m still getting better. I have not gotten to my final destination and we all know that. I have to work harder in dreams and aspiration to hold down many things for the purpose of having and loving.

As for marriage, I think we have many things to talk about in that course because you have many things I need from you. You have many things that I need and this would not skip me at this moment. The tiny memories holding the fiber of my emotions are home again and I think holding the gutless embryo of goodness is the key to let go of uncertainties. We will overcome this terrain; we will open up this chapter of seriousness and face the opportunity of loving. We’ll not surrender faithfully to happen to life and time and chances. I don’t know how to start remembering many things right now, I don’t think remembering them would make a difference from what I have already said. Keep the fire burning, keep the fire brewing in and out of bodies for tomorrow will smile on you and leave a note to posterity and honestly; you are evergreen in thought and actions. Never relent, never give up trying to push that which you know, try not to look back, even when you decide to look back, let it be for a reason that is helpful to those that look up to you and to the world.
I thank God for the day I sent you a friend request here on facebook and the day it was accepted. Thank you for adding me in SRAF. I learnt a lot from that Group. I learnt the act of confidence, the act of being me. The act of knowing my worth and what I should stand in life. I am very grateful for those times we had lectures and those times we had discourse and many other times we talked about life and the rudiments of life and it consequences. I know you to be a happy man trying to impact that happiness in many people who still believe in you. Keep working brother, keep dreaming, keep writing; and never give colic of their desires into consideration. Live and let’s live. This is my token, a token of my thought; a token of my imperfection, a token of my kindness, have it, save it until that day when we’ll see each other on faintly lit room grinning in good fortunes. This is my dream that we all live long to see what tomorrow will bring forth to our struggles and hassle and we must live to live again and again and again.
This is from a pen refusing to be frustrated.

© John Chizoba Vincent

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