I Once Had Three Brothers

I Once Had Three Brothers

I once had 3 brothers whom:
we drag food from mama’s oily pot
We Pray for a better life
we brag who could first get a wife
And with whom,
The family’s flag stood still

I once had 3 brothers whom:
We laughed and joked
Bath in the rain
And basked on the harsh harmathan sun
We all played and enjoyed each other’s fun

I once had 3 brothers whom:
we divide the chores of the house
Defend the sores in our hearts
And help mama chase out disturbing mouse.

I once had 3 brothers who:
Helped cleared papa’s land
Give mama a helping hand
Clear the compound from encroaching sand
And assemble yam in papa’s band.

I had three brothers who:
give my weakness a boost
Surround in trembling times
Encourage in my trying times
Provide in my needing times
And protect in my fighting times.

I was once with 3 other boys in the house
I had them all strong and known
2010, my bestie sojourned for a happy home
I had waited for his message of goodwill
Long enough he didnt write his lastborn

Everyone was worried and then August
2017, the second, the darkiest amongst us,
Told us he’s gone in search of our “chiboy”
Back in a foreign land, I was called.

December 2017
I got home so sad
The food was ready but just few mouths now available
I had let it too cold that I cant give it even a bite

It was not too cold though ’cause mama
has set up the fire place
But, I’d grow up eating while others join me
Or were just talking at the background
In our backyard

That night, I took only cold tea made of my own very tears.
No additives!
My elderest brother, the one who stood near
Called and told me some words
I only cried in response
“I can’t live alone here”
I cried the more

January 2018,
He waved his hands away
This time,
His own journey was neither to look
For our damsel gone July 2007
none the heroes of 2010 and 2017

He had a different agenda
To live there with them
And coalesced their ancestral minds

This Foetuses
All just flew away
Like the 3 black bird
Sitting on the wall

Christ is my hope!
I can tell myself.

Its noon already,
I’m drinking another cold tea on this cold AC
I will spring like the plants by the stream
I will rise and shine again.

4/4 now 1/4
That’s not close to fairness!
I had 3 brothers that made the family a community
Lively but now lifeless

Ash to ashes
Dust to dusts
“You’re dust and dust you shall return”


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