Friends And Enemies

Friends And Enemies

In the yonder
Where we wander
We were inseparable
Mumble and humble
We did things in tandem
And never for once condemn.

We were called in love
And in other undecipherable sounds
Love called
Like soldiers, we obeyed.

Against our wishes we moved
Him to there and I to here
On arrival we began to do something we had never done before
It is that which we will always do here
Openly and secretly.. Cry.

Winds after winds, we learnt the ways of our new places
We became defenders of the things we learnt
And we passed it on and on.

Then I met my friend on a dark path
I called him ape for his colour sake
He ran from me because I wasn’t a Muslim
And our tongues differs
Our actions were not rued for we are
Defenders of what had been sown inside us.

We met again on a darker path
I pointed my gun at him and he quickly detonated his bomb
We ended like several others.

How the world felt after our action we didn’t know
We know that what we did was a normal thing to them
My friend held me
I hold him too
We begin to speak the language of love
And once again become inseparable.

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