Born Without A Penis

the first and last child of his parents
named after the famous Arigbe leaf
a wild magical spice
only used by women who need to spice up their love lives
his father’s love for his mother lacked spice at the time he was born
so she named him Arigbe
but after Arigbe was born
his father’s penis stopped working
worst still, Arigbe was even born without a penis
No vagina, no penis!
Arigbe is the future
Arigbe is the next generation
but Arigbe is nothing without a penis
Arigbe lives in a society where masturbation is in vogue
perhaps, if Arigbe had a penis
he would’ve been a master of masturbation or maybe not.
Today, Arigbe stands accused of masturbating
with the silhouette of a setting sun
but I’m as confused as Arigbe here.
can sunset induce erection?
with what penis, if at all so?
Arigbe’s predicament compels me to ask
why do people always blame the mouse for the sins of cockroaches?
Arigbe has become a man now
naked women lurking around him,
but Arigbe is tired of trying.
many times he’d tried exploring the sweetness of that thing people call “honey”
I mean the one you see when you lift a skirt.
poor Arigbe, never gets to finish his quests.
always stock in the middle of a wet desert,
face to face with coitus dilemma:
heart pounding with biased optimism,
but his treasure is padlocked,
and the key though supposedly between his legs,
yes! Unavailable.
like when you’d dialed a lost phone number.
Arigbe could hear his neighbors ravish their wives.
he stays awake, nights upon nights of endless moans and rhythm of ecstasy.
he feels nothing but goosebumps.
goosebumps. Only goosebumps
that’s all there is for him to feel
nothing more, nothing less
Arigbe’s mates have become fathers
some are even grandfathers
but Arigbe is yet to raise his face
for fear of being mocked to his face
no one understands his race
even his parents blame him for being born without a penis
oh, dear Arigbe
If you say life is cruel
I will understand.
What is this life without a penis anyway?

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