A Word Of Comfort

In such a time like this

When the world is going up way down

And it seems everything is falling apart

And the center cannot hold

Life is just full of life drama


This is the time to stand

Take the stand go the distance

Each one hold one bringing life

Placing back home to the street where hope is lost

A word of comfort


As things began to fall apart

And everyone is loosing it out

The centre is shaking will need hope

A word of comfort for that one

That one whose back has been broken severally


Whose cannot stand up alright again

Whose lost the sight of a beautiful tomorrow

Whose gone on a long walk to freedom and yet emancipation never come

Who has never allow the ray of hope to come

Hold on to hold out someone who needs you


Who needs a world of comfort

Who needs a shoulder to lean on

Who needs a shatter from the ranging storm

Who needs a haven to call a home

A word of comfort


To save a life today from been taken off life line

Throw out the lifeline someone is sinking today

Who knows your word in a season at the right time

Will change everything and save someone somewhere from committing sucide

A word fo comfort

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