Life of Love

Love is faith unseen felt in the hearts of humanity. At the tone of life we strain our minds to feel the activities of the immortals, yet we blur our minds on the activities of the mortals which is our backward truth to the future. We delve into emphasis, and lost the hope of making Merry In the light of situation untold.
Love is power, for it’s actions are scary and Beulahtic to the innocent, for it is the secrecy of our minds which compels our hearts to believe in nothing.
I found love at a tender age, and it grows like the mangroves which can not be moved no matter the turbulent flow of the waves in an ocean of hatred.
With the oceans running Fuller, the hearts of fishermen pounds for greater catch, for the love of the work is their joy in the marketplace of Mammon.
Betwixt the life I live, I learn to love even hatred itself, for it is a propeller to greatness hidden in the attitude of many successors without regrets but with wholesome mind to strengthen up each day.
Grow in love, unconditionally, undisputed, unchallenged, unexpected by the ones who show u their other side of improper Life.

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