When love happens

When love happens

When love happens, cool breeze blows,
Strongest of men, misogynists tacitly,
Swept off their feet, without a wedge.
Even the wrongest of deeds is just right.

When love happens, heart pulse throbs.
Tearful pains are joyful gains in a flash,
Nights are days and days are nights.
Like records, with smiles, rules broken.

When love happens, bizarre lingua is ciphered.
Smiling sun at dawn, dazzling moon at dusk,
Gardens grow galore, fragrance’s fin floating.
Unquenchable blaze illuminated, as in summer.

When love happens, rusty souls rudely awaken.
Extinct fireflies welcomed back as twinkle stars
Comatose hearts resuscitated like Lazarus.
When love happens, the brain jerks as a stutter.

2 thoughts on “When love happens” by Boniface Raymond (@BonnyRayLebbz)

  1. while reading this poem
    love happened!!!!
    great metaphors
    great poem

    1. Much thanks.

      Best wishes in your love voyage. 👍

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