Train Wreck

Train Wreck

He says he wants me

And I’m his to take

I have been since the first time I pressed my lips to his – Tessa (After)


At this junction

I know what we are

You are the flame

And I’m the moth

A relationship already fated for disaster

We are a train wreck waiting to happen


You hurt me and I leave

Just a little smile

Just a few nice words from you

And I’m back


It’s like I’m willing to suffer the consequences for a sweet moment with you

Those moments never last

And once again, I’m a victim of your emotional wreckage


For one moment of pleasure

There are thousand moments of shame, tears, humiliation

It just doesn’t add up

But everytime, I’m willing to give us a try

Even though you’re not deserving


I can’t even be done with us

You won’t let me

Once I start to heal from the wounds you inflict on me

Once I’m ready to move on

You show up

And I can’t seem to move

I’m stuck between wanting you and wanting what’s best for me

What’s best for my sanity


Knowing me

The answer is obvious

You are my weakness

My battered heart already knows the drill when it comes to you

Even when you reject it over and over again

You are lord over my body

Even though my brain tells me to keep the little dignity I have left


You are pain

And I’m a masochist

Driving at full speed

Towards the train wreck that is you

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  1. femimicky (@femimicky)

    i literally clapped after reading this

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