Sexcapades Episode 3

Sexcapades Episode 3


I was at the comfort of my room unwrapping the Okpa I bought on my way back from IMT campus 3 preparing to down it with a bowl of already soaked Ijebu garri when I had an unwanted guest (Ejike). Always walks in at the availability of food as if he sniffs it off the air.

I mumbled half way into the meal but his concentration baffled me as I grew agitated and pulled the plates away from him. He then wore a smirk on his face licking his spoon provocatively.

I took the plates off the ground and retired to the kitchen to finish it up without interruption. Ejike laughed and said there is love in sharing and joked over it. The next day at about the same time, Ejike called to return the favour of hosting me to a home cooked meal for lunch, I obliged and headed to his place. I was blessing the food when my phone rang. It was my mum. What now?

I excused myself and went out to receive the call informing me that my 85 years old grandma was ill in the village (delta state). That I was the closest to her and I should journey down to stay with her before help arrives from Lagos. I reluctantly accepted, I went back in to meet Ejike and told him. He asked me to eat before I go but my appetite already embarked on the journey.

It was just some minutes past 4, the journey from Enugu is approximately 2 hours so I still had plenty time on my hand. I picked up my bag and selected two pairs of clothes and an extra shoe and left for the park. I was there in no time paid for my fare with only two people left to fill up the bus before we could move. This took another 45 minutes. I was already scared that something might have happened to my grandma and I needed to get there as fast as I could. The bus eventually left at 10 minutes past 5pm. I said a short prayer as the journey began, suddenly I felt a cold wind blow through me and was covered with goosebumps. Bad omen, it has happened. I asked the lady on my left seated by the window to please help me shut it that I was cold but all she could say was she’s hot. I shrugged, and put my head down so I could sleep off. I slept but didn’t know for how long, when I raised my head we were stuck in traffic. We haven’t left Enugu, damn I cursed! What nonsense is this, it rained while I was asleep and all the windows were shut and I was feeling hot already. I asked the lady beside me to open the window, this time she told me the rain was coming in so we swapped seats and got talking. Finally, the road was free and I had a chatting companion. Others in the vehicle were either sleeping or concentrating on the road. I told her why I was traveling and she assured me that nothing is going to happen to my grandma. I responded with a resounding amen. Then she said she was feeling sleepy so I offered her my lap to rest her head which she obliged. She didn’t sleep but I felt she was comfortable, she used one of her hands to continuously rub my leg as she was searching for sleep. The touch became sensitive and I became uncomfortable as my dick was beginning to react to her touch, I adjusted and she said hope I am not inconveniencing you, I said no that I was fine. She said I am cold, I told her sorry. She took my hand and put it on her sleeve, her skin was as tender as the buttocks of a new born baby. I stroked it and I felt her adjust to the setting of the touches and held on tight to my leg not letting go as I continued. We got to a checkpoint and the driver put on the inner light and she sat up. For the first time since we boarded, I saw her beautiful face and her inviting smile. The policeman said who are you smiling for? Everyone was surprised as she threw her face the other way. Am I not talking to you, he pointed his gun towards the bus in a bid to threaten her. It was not you she said in a low tone. Is he your boyfriend? He said pointing at me. I shook my head in denial as she said no too. Then the policeman said from now on he is your boyfriend, see the way you were looking at him or is he not fine enough? Everyone started laughing at the officers joke then he asked us to move along. As soon as the driver put off the inner light, she assumed her position on my lap and this time I found a way underneath her dress and put my hands in. She didn’t object, I rubbed her navel and she wriggled and adjusted. I stopped then continued, this time I began to go up north and she switched into a more comfortable position. Then she surprised me by joining my hand underneath her cloth. Caught in the act I thought and threw my face out the window waiting for a reaction but instead I got an approval as she unhooked her bra from the front. Damn! She likes it. Without wasting time I resumed by having a feeling of both breast and squeezed them to be sure they weren’t silicone. She twitched as I twisted the nipples of the left breast. What is it with me and left breast all the time. If I don’t touch it, my subject never submits. Her nipples were as hard as the tip of a candle stick. It felt good as I responded in the same regard, my dick wanted to come out of it’s hiding but her head kept it at bay. We were approaching onitsha when everyone came back to life and the room became a class. I withdrew my hand and she sat up and quickly hooked her bra in the darkness of the bus before anyone noticed. I then asked where she was going after we highlight? She said Agbor. I said I was going towards that way too. Then we decided that we will continue together. We never spoke of what happened just like it didn’t happen. On getting to onitsha garage, we heard people discussing that bakassi boys were on rampage and that the road is dangerous to ply at this time. I called my mum and gave her the situation report and she said I should hang around in the park then continue my journey at dawn. I was skeptical at first then I saw Naomi walking towards me that her popsy asked her to wait till dawn as well. Thank goodness I will be occupied I thought as I heaved a sigh of relief saying I will stay with you as if I had a choice.

Onitsha park was as busy as Allen Avenue of the 90’s. No one sleeps as the hustle and bustle for survival was serious. The Bakassi rampage did not hinder their hustle. We went in search of what to eat but all we could get was mere fries. So we took to the nearest suya stand and got some meat. I exchanged pleasantries with the Aboki, his face lit up with a smile and he put in more meat than I requested. Naomi was impressed as she grinned on our way back to the park. “So you speak Hausa”? She asked. I said just the peripheral which is the greetings and the one that makes me buy things at a lesser price. She smiled and we ate and talked till we were both out of stories. The time was 1:23am about 4 hours before dawn. It was cold as we would spend the night outside. We looked for a spot in the park where we sat and cuddled. Though it wasn’t comfortable but it will do for a nap. She sat beside me and put her head on my lap. I put my back against the wall and she talked about her relationship and how she and her boyfriend counted the stars whenever they sat out. So I asked to be her boyfriend for the night, she accepted and said hope you will be a good substitute? I will try was all I could say.

Together we counted the stars and kept counting even the counted ones. She said as long as there is a number, we should continue. When we got to 50, she landed a kiss on my cheek and said at every 50 my boyfriend and I kiss. My face lit up and I looked forward to the next 50. At 100, I moved to peck but instead she brought her lips and we kissed. A sharp kiss. 150 was a 3seconds kiss. I don’t remember the number but the count was high and I was already sucking her breast. She was looking at the sky but couldn’t find any stars to count as she was already at the 7th haven. I slid my hands down her navel, unbuckled her jeans pants and went in search of my destiny. The coast was clear as if this moment was anticipated. She was soaked in her own juice. She held my hand asking me to stop and at the same time pushing it deeper into her pussy. I located her clitoris and she let out a sharp tingling sound which I met with my lips. The wetness of her lips was homologous to her clit. She wanted to reciprocate the sensation she felt and she hurriedly went in search of my dick which was already hard and dripping. She held onto it, squeezed it from the bottom and slid up releasing more juice. My head began to spin. Now it was a contest of sensation. She slid down a little and put her wet tongue on the cap of my dick circling it in a way I have never experienced. I felt defeated as I removed my hands unconsciously from her pussy and lay it on my forehead to avoid an explosion. She took my balls in her mouth and wanked my dick continuously. Then she swallowed my dick and sucked out the pores from my brain. She took control of my destiny without permission. I whispered, I am coming and she said that’s what I want. Come. I tried to hold it back but her thrust broke all barriers and I became helpless and shot it straight up her throat, she withdrew and poured them out on my dick and sucked the trapped ones in the pipe out. What a moment. I reached for my bag and pulled out a singlet and wiped off the sperm from my body. She looked at me through the dark night and said hope you liked it? Like is an understatement I loved it. I responded with a whisper. So, now I will want you to make me cum as well. My face lit up. Who says no to a good meal. Wow, that’s straight. Aren’t you my boyfriend again? I am at least till dawn I said with a smirk.

She took off her trousers and panties revealing the robustness of her bum bum. Then she went to her bag, brought out a wrapper and spread it on the floor. She kissed my lips and went down flat on her back. I squeezed her breast and then she spread her legs and I put my left hand on her pussy and felt it breathing. My index finger first made its way in and the cave opened, then I slid down, used my other hand to spread the pussy and I blew a soft breeze on the clitoris, she shrugged and closed her legs and reopened them like a bird flapping its wings. Then I went in for the kill, I put my tongue on the clit while my fingers still did their magic. She held on to my head and said you are heading home, keep going don’t look back, she kept pressing my head in as if I should go in then she squirmed uncontrollably and was gasping for breath. She pulled me up and said you are the best substitute I have ever had. She kissed me passionately and wanked my dick. Your tongue was good let’s see how good your rod can be. She put me on my back and sat on my hard dick, her pussy swallowed it all and she said wow, you are huge. I smiled from the dark, at least someone appreciates me. She started slowly and began to ride like a horse not intending to stop. I tried to go at her pace but I was defeated. She rode me till she came and said I should take control of the situation. I laid her in her back first and fucked her silly, I then put her legs on my shoulders and she felt my dick hitting her womb and she cried out in pain and was begging me to stop yet she was pulling me closer. I pulled out and positioned her for doggy. I pulled my bag and gave her to rest on. I played music from my phone to neutralize her noise and then I entered with slow motion and thrusted gently until I gained the required momentum and I banged her up till she was in resonance with my speed but she said harder, fuck me hard. I increased the pace and I felt my legs shaking the spermatozoa’s heading for the finish line, I am cumin, I said trying to pull it out but she said don’t stop till you cum inside me. Wow what a girl, what a pussy. I made long deep and hard thrust with all my might and shot it all inside her and she wriggled simultaneously and whimpered like a wounded lion. I came too, that was perfect. I reached for the water we got earlier and gulped it all. I sat down trying to regain strength when she came and sat beside me. Wow! You are a god on your own. I envy your girlfriend. I said thanks for the compliment. Hope I will see you some other time? She asked. Well we will have to plan that I responded. You bet we will she said and went to a corner of the park and went to clean up.

A cock crowed, I stood up and went for my wristwatch the time was 5am, not long the speaker from the central mosque came alive with the call to prayer. It was time to go. I looked around and couldn’t find Naomi. Her bag was there intact. I packed both bags and went in search of her. People who slept around were already awake. I asked around from people and a lady pointed me to a little house where she saw her heading with another guy. Jealousy came over me. What did you expect, my mind playing its own trick. You met a girl barely 24 hours and you banged her like that and you want to own her. I felt disappointed as I walked close to the building I heard her telling the guy that she’s with her boyfriend and he needs a shower because he is going for an interview. My head spinned as I heard that and I strolled in majestically. It was a bathroom and I was impressed at the sight. I need to wash off the fuck from my body before people smell it on me. I paid the guy in charge and she said we could bath together if I didn’t mind. I joined her and we caressed did a quick one for the road. We both came out refreshed and freshened. We exchanged numbers and promised to hookup.

I got to the village and I saw my grandma doing her chores and I asked her to relax that I was going to do everything. She was happy to see me and asked what I came to do. I told her and she said it was just a slight illness that she was fine.

Naomi and I communicated as if we were longtime friends. We planned to hookup a month later. I really looked forward to it, but on my way back to school our bus was robbed and my phone was taken. I retrieved my line a week later and she never called so I could get her number. I waited endlessly and she never called.

With Naomi comes a sexcapade that will never be forgotten. At the mention of Onitsha my mind goes to Naomi. If only I can rename Onitsha, it will be called Naomi.

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