Sexcapades Episode 2

Sexcapades Episode 2

Two months after my incredulous sexcapades with Deborah and the thought of her getting married was all I could think of. I knew I met her as a recycled virgin but damn! She’s experienced. I would call her number once in a while in anticipation for a hookup and pray at the same time for her not to pick. It will ring, she won’t pick and won’t return my calls. Then I got bothered and worried over and over again.

In a bid to get her off my mind I have met some crazy mouthed chicks who at the end of the day had nothing to offer than indirect billing, a round of half baked sex, no drama, no action, no smack down in, plain language; if e no be panadol e no fit be like panadol.

I took a stroll to her house one hot Saturday afternoon just to satisfy my curiosity. I knocked and her father came out and we exchanged pleasantries. Immediately, I asked him how’s Debbie?

Debbie? He looked puzzled. Come in.

I reluctantly did; I messed up again. What do you want with her? He asked with keen interest. I couldn’t tell him I was banging her. I hummed, clasped my palms, fidgeted; in-fact all kinds of nervousness set in. Then I started with actually, I wanted to ask her if she knows anyone in Abuja that could help with NYSC (sense no go kill me). NYSC! He exclaimed. I thought our served sometime back? At this time, I had gained confidence as I have laid a solid foundation. Yes I replied boldly, my sister, our last born intends to be posted to Abuja so I was thinking since she served there she might have made friends or contact that could be of help. Glam! I have survived this. Okay he replied doubtfully. I will give you her number so you could call her. No sir, please if you can just talk to her on my behalf. Ladies require permission before their numbers are given out, I said feigning ignorance. His face read you a known playboy does not need number. He sent for his phone and called her in my presence and handed the phone over to me to relate my question directly. While I did, she was laughing at the other end. Then I asked are you coming anytime soon? Oh , next week. That will be fine, she will also be around. Thank you, then I handed the phone to her dad and left almost immediately. As l bent off their street I couldn’t stop laughing as I was surprised at my own performance just because of sex, sweet sex.

On Monday at about noon, I was at lunch when Debbie called .

D: lover boy

Me: runaway bride

D: I like your courage

Me: had to because you weren’t picking my calls or replying my messages

D: was busy tidying up for my traditional marriage I had told you about

Me: I know but you could spare some minutes to talk na

D: will see you when I come by weekend

Me: okay will be expecting you.

D: love you…….

I dropped the call immediately and switched off the phone. Love you!! I don enter. All I needed was sex and love seems to have taken root. Her marriage, what have I done?

The week was running fast and it was already Thursday. I was thinking of how I will host her over the weekend but she was just ahead. She sent me a text message she was on her way to Lagos and she won’t want to go home till Saturday. Gbege! I told her we could lodge in town if she didn’t mind . She obliged and without much ado, I booked the hotel online and sent her the reservation. I didn’t join the staff bus as usual after work as I strolled to the bustop to get a ride. I stopped by at the supermarket got her origin bitters, got African special for myself and headed for the hotel. I called and she came to the door opened and landed me a miss you kiss. It was intense that my dick leaped for joy, she climbed onto me clutching her legs on my back. I staggered inside as I used my leg to shut the door and then we landed on the bed. She was wearing a bathrobe with nothing underneath as I felt her newly shaved pussy dripping honey. I asked her to calm down let me freshen up but she refused that she didn’t mind me the way I am. I tried to slow her down but immediately she unzipped my trousers held out my dick and was massaging it as if peeling a yam. I lost control and fell on my back she gulped my balls without permission and wanked on the dick. I was deep in thought, left the house around 5, got to the office 8, worked for 12 straight hours and 2 hours to get to the hotel. That is 17 hours already spent and 7 hours before the next days job. I wanted it to stop but I was weak so I decided to return the favour, I pulled her up and she sat on my dick and began to whine. Knowing I was half way home I laid her on her back and spread her legs wide open took off my clothes and stuck my tongue inside her pot of gold. I tasted the flowing juice and it felt like a well garnished pepper-soup, it kept flowing and I kept sipping not letting each one go to waste. I noticed her legs trembling and so I decided to go in for the kill, I climbed her, suckled the breast like my life depended on it and simultaneously poked my pole into her hole and started the drilling. Her moaning was the catalyst to my thrusting and she wasn’t doing it ready to reduce it as with every thrust came an amplification. With speed we switched to doggy as if it was timed, as I dug deep she let out compressed gas which made little explosive sounds when I slammed her ass. Harder, faster, God, daddy, fuck, she muttered all kinds of expressions, oh she said slapping her hand on the wall in fiery and steamy passion. Her legs were shaky as she tried to hold her cum but she gave in as I felt heat on my dick I had to reciprocate, I held her tightly by the waist and slammed her buttocks on my dick till I released my recoiled sperm into her and we both laid on the bed exhausted. Wow! I think I just lost 10kg she said rubbing the bald portions of my head. Then she whispered into my ears ‘I missed my flow’. My eyes shone. I sat up and didn’t know what to mutter. I just slept with a pregnant lady or she is pregnant for me (2 months). Wow, congratulations was what came out of my mouth. The AC in the room suddenly stopped working as sweat formed up on the naked corners of my head. Then I excused myself to the bathroom. I spent an hour cursing and praying at the same time. I just committed an abominable act, I was drowning my fears under the shower when she grabbed my dick from behind and rested her lumps on my back. I shimmied and turned to face her, then she registered a wet kiss on my lips. Not again I thought, still try to figure out what to do to appease my village people now this. I returned the kiss till she got tired and whispered to me ‘take me here’. My brain just did a hard reset(kpakam), no I can’t I replied in whispers. Your condition is too delicate for that at the moment. Then she looked up to me and let out a big laugh and headed to the bedroom. I hurriedly followed her to know what was funny, she gulped down a bottle of Origin bitters and lay on the bed stack naked. She looked at me again and resumed laughing. I then concluded that either my village people are around or her own people have visited. I went to door to make sure it’s locked, I looked into the wardrobe and found no one or nothing, the window! I snapped and made sure it was locked before I sat frozen in her presence while she let out that terrible treacherous laughter without control. The I muttered with my hands opened, what’s funny? Then she struggled for words saying mockingly you are. What do yo mean by ‘your condition is too delicate at the moment’? So you think I am pregnant? No wonder you spent about an hour in the shower. Then she resumed her laughing session. I stood there stunned and happy at the same time then I soldiered up and said I don’t understand what you are saying. I only told you I missed my period because we were reckless the last time, not that I am pregnant so remove the fear from your face. I wish I had a camera in this room, you are a natural actor, your expression was priceless. Then I smirked, and said well just didn’t want to hurt you either way. You know how rough I can be. Then I joined her in the bed and she said oga, now that my condition has changed, will you take me? I replied, with all pleasure. Then I heard my village people applauding me saying this is our son in whom we are well pleased. I got exhausted and dosed off only to wake up at past 7. Jeez! I am late for work, I stormed the bathroom took a bath under 4 minutes wore my clothes, laced my shoes and gave a kiss reassuring her I will be back. I go to the office around 8:30 which was beyond late and unlike me. Bishop are you okay? Everyone seems to have noticed my lateness and the fact I wore my clothes from the previous day. I replied am better now. Better now? What happened? My team-lead took me to his office for inquiries. I just lied that I slept over at the hospital after I complained last night and I had to come to work because I didn’t tell anyone. You could have called in? Health is wealth, just rest a while and leave. Get treatment and don’t come back till you are okay. Thanks boss. I picked up my phone then called D. I am coming back have it ready for me.

She said, I love you but this will be our last time together and I want you to be happy as well too so get a beautiful lady like me and if refuses let me know I will do everything it takes. I felt loved and I had a moment I will forever cherish. Thanks for reading.


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