Nkporo II

Nkporo II


In proportion to the gospel of man about creation

& evolution & sand of time,

living in Nigeria is to kill like Osama Bin Laden without origin of profile,

& give your heart to crulty. Man down,

Father picked up the apple for me his good–for-nothing-child; a living dead.

non-living son.

What do we do with this land of ours, Nkporo? I asked my brethren!

I believe you have me, Nkporo.

I believe in dying & leaving a clean footprint.
make life a garden or a glorious victories

& harvest the good thereof in the hands of your grace.
You’re magical, Nkporo…

I don’t believe in living to die today but dying to live again,
I believe in the depth of nothing; an empty house full of dreams.

And she told me no place like home!

©John Chizoba Vincent

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