Do Not Urinate Here


This land belongs to Buhari,
he has the financial keys to every land here!
You must not urinate here unless you
are a cow, beware of military’ Dogs,
they’re watching.
You must not answer nature’s call here,
this region is for grazing of the first citizens,
do you expect them to perceive your urine?
Go home to your mother’s other room,
there’s another room for you to wee-wee
& there’s room for you to communicate with nature.
your father has warned you not to see
the sun in darkness,
Your mother said you should learn to
respect every house that has politicians
that chopped your smiles into gloom of lurking bodies.
Why Urinate behind Aso rock Villa & you called yourself a patriotic civilian?
Don’t you know that our leaders are dinning
there in bits of luminious laughter?
They are planning on how to give one square meal per day to already satisfied children.
They are arranging the ten thousand to be shared in the market tomorrow.
The sound of your patapata could be a distraction!
I have not find the right hand to parcel my anger on you!
you have made the foams thereof to meet at the confluence of mirage,
what do you expect Obasanjo to say of this?
I know each call is a torment and misery
painting a portrait of how gullible our land is!
Do not urinate here unless you’re a politician!
Unless you’ve learnt the act of deceiving people,
unless you have fought in the National Assembly & jumped from one party to another,
unless your hands are stained with blood;
do not urinate here, zip up, hoodie…
Let’s remind ourselves of next levels connecting the air with the silk memories with which the world hold each other in arms.
Remember, the fine is your head if you
ever pour out your proud liquid here!

©John Chizoba Vincent

3 thoughts on “Do Not Urinate Here” by john chizoba vincent (@johnvincent)

  1. Levuz (@Levuz)

    We shall never urinate here. We can’t afford to…
    Well written.
    @johnvincent Keep it going.

    1. six (@six)

      @levuz you still here?

      1. Levuz (@Levuz)

        Wow! @six Long time mannn!!!

        Still checking here once in a while bro, hard to break my addiction.

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