Shock Absorber

” whatever makes you happy makes me happy” I said I’m my usual attempt to please her. I go as far as apologising even for little things that are nor my fault.I never disagreed with her no matter her irritating nagging attitude .I dread conflict at all cost while she was very quick to express her grievances.

When I noticed her complaints were becoming unbearable, I began to dread her. I worked longer hours and committed myself to various unnecessary church activities all in effort to come back late and sleep. It worked , we didn’t have any conflict but we did not have a relationship either.we were like strangers sharing the same apartment.

One night she asked me
” Are you angry with me”?
“no” I quickly replied.
” Are you scared of me?” she reinstated
There was a terrible awkward moment .I was trapped.
How could I tell her I feared her nagging attitude and gravity of her explosion.
“no” I reinstated in a manner that suggested I was not ready for any talk. I silently asked God for forgiveness for telling such. white lie

I got to work the next day only to receive a call from y neighbour claiming my wife was rushed to the hospital.
I rushed to the hospital described only to be told she attempted suicide . I found it difficult to believe that. She was unconscious so I was unable to speak to her until two days. When she was able to speak,I was let into the ward. I could feel the smile in her face as she saw me.
” Tell me you did not attempt suicide” I asked her still trying not to believe the doctors claim.

” Thank you for being my support all these months.My boss has been subjecting me to all form of emotional and verbal abuse.Any attempt to confront him would lead to my dismissal so I swallow the hurt and pour it on you each day after work. It helped relieve me temporarily. You would apologise, pet me, cuddle me and make love to me. This helped me overcome all.”

she managed to say happily.Her smile began to fade gradually as she continued.

” few weeks back,….You were no more there, no one to share my pain.I couldn’t hold it any longer….”

Her blood pressure increased . I rushed to inform the medical crew. They came to revive her but she passed on . I lost her

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