Little Savior

I was driving one Saturday afternoon with my three year old child beside me. On reaching a road block, I was stopped by the policemen.
” Park” they instructed.
I quickly complied, brought out all his vehicle particular and stocked it through the window before they asked.

” No be why I park you be that. This pikin, na who get am”?

“mine” I replied as fast as possible with a smile on my lips.

They didn’t buy my answer . They ordered me to go get any documents as evidence to prove it or get ready for a detention for kidnap .
I never knew patents had to carry receipt of ownership of their kids like they were laptop,

” call their mother to come here and identify them ”

That was the best they could do for me. I picked up my phone to call my wife. Just then, my little boy who had been observing yelled.

” Police, leave daddy alone, he has no money”

I was startled. I wondered what gave him that confidence at that young age.

” You say wetting”? The officer asked.

“Junior keep quiet” I said in my local dialect Trying to discourage him from saying what could put me infuriate the policemen further.

Junior didn’t heed to my plea . he repeated himself fearlessly .

” Is he your dad”? they inquired staring at
the courageous lad.

He responded in affirmative . I was signaled to go.

The officers were sincere. My son saved my day.


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