Cold Day In Summer

The day started out sunny, these days were the hottest days of the year with a number of people seen outside via the huge transparent glass window, cleaning their sweaty face with handkerchiefs, some holding tight to hand fans, terrible traffic happening all over the city in expectation of the President of the country;
Every event making it look like the devil visiting the lowest part of hell were he ruled over.
But withstanding all these troubles, business for him is palmy, selling quite a number of hand fans, umbrella, even adding a little cute rotating fan that runs on battery to the shelf,very sure they will make enough sales as the days become extreme every single minute.
The profit is really huge, capitalizing on the fact that, his store is the only one selling the basic necessities at that moment in a very busy street also topping it was the power outage, no form of electricity for some days and the power company being a no show as usual, his refrigerator gets empty immediately after every re-stocking.
He screamed to himself, a number of customers at hearing distance
“Business is booming, I love this country “
As he cared less, no empathy for other’s pains and misery, his favorite note was the currency as they kept coming it gave him joy, the thought of deposit never accosted his mind as he loved watching the bale sitting comfortably in a big black safe.
Working every week, you might think he is a sedulous man but his love for the currency can’t be compared to the love towards his flesh and bones.
Until the fateful day when that devil decided to pay him an August visit
Three hungry looking men entered the store not in a haste, looking like they came in with the purpose of buying something from the store.
One of these men stood over at the counter trying to converse with the money driven cashier as the other two went strolling in the store.
A feeling of premonition maybe? he didn’t have at all, he just wanted everyone in the store to pay up, handing him his favorite note.
A lady ran forward interrupting the conversation going on “Excuse me sirs, please this product has expired” she said pointing to the nearly scratched out date politely “ In fact, I don’t think any of them has the right date, all expired “
“Madam never, e no fit” he said his eyebrows raised “Na the parli way expire wetin dey inside dey kampe”
“What? I don’t have time for this rubbish, you are convincing me to buy an expired product with an inflated price, you are ridiculous “ she said dropping the pack as she walked out on him “I will surely make a complaint to NAFDAC, Such courage scratching out the dates” her last words before the store door closed behind her
“Ashewo!!, see-see wetin she wear, dey open breast up and down” keeping the returned pack under his counter “Rubbish na so dem go dey do if dey no get money, NAFDAC ka NAFDAC ni” he said as the other guy nodded to show support, he continued with the discussion, all he needed was a distraction to get his team in and out clean, no dirty jobs today, not until a loud yell came from the back of the store where the frozen drinks were refrigerated, the cashier rushed down, expecting maybe someone will be paying extra for damage goods but to his fuss appointment he met one of the man gripping tight what seems like a dagger, as people running out of the store for their dear lives, the man caught the cashier by the neck pointing the dagger straight at his throat asking him to lead them to were the money was, the cashier acting reluctant, the man stabbed him by the arm blood stains on both men as the liquid made its way to the floor. This gave the cashier a second thought, driving him toward where the safe is he begged for some help within his spirit.
Now getting to where the safe is he saw the man whom he was conversing with earlier pushing down shelves with assistance from the last man who entered the store with them
“Stingy man na expired food you dey sell, if we kill you now God no go vex, Abeg scorpion get the money we dey here”
He begged for his life as he opened the safe while his store is been rampaged, thoughts of where to start from ran through his mind, if only one of those customers would call the police.
Not seeing the final blow coming, the man plunged the dagger into his left chest leaving him to die on the pool of his own blood as the three men made their way out of the store with everything.

-kunbi dia-

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