While I Write

While I Write

I write to take back hope

Okoh C. Paul

To the street called hope

I write for that one whose

Tired and lost hope for living

While I write



I write to be the voice

Of that one whose society has locked out

From the spotlight just because of circumstances of life

Of making such a one believe there is space for him

While I write


I write to inspire to motivate

Of making everyone anyone

Who comes across my post, write up and articles

At the end of the day becoming a better person

While I write


I don’t write for the 2750 friends I have here on Facebook

Or the ones on Twitter and Blogfarm but for that one

Who is tired of this space will call earth

And wants to end it all but giving back hope to live again

While I write


I don’t write to get several likes, comments and shared

I don’t write to get applauses

As one of the best prolific write of my days

But I write to right the wrong in history

While I write


I write to make sense not nonsense

I write not to sell gossip but to sell truth real fact

I write to make sure no one is left untouched

I write not to get award or noble prize

While I write


I write to give this world where am in

A better prize in pursuit of happiness for humanity

I write to bring peace to weary, joy to sorrowful heart

Healing to the wounded heart in mind and soul

While I write


I seek to write for everyone who is hurting and sick of living

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