Gather round in my name
The stories I tell
I do not for fame
Make your mind listen
Pay attention and you will hear me
This is a given.

Let young men give their heart to work
and old men theirs to wisdom.
Devise no evil against me
I come in peace.
Do you not see?


I am cause when it goes wrong
It takes two to tangle
but from this tangle, I slipped
as My back gave in from the weight I bore so long

There is not one good.
Take heed when they claim to be good
Deceit and truth may look alike
Get Insight and save your life.


Charm is deceitful
Beauty is vain
Do you seek a gain
In my pain?
My body’s now weak to stay in lane.


The eyes should light the soul
but Mine shows a hole
Left by a callous fate
Though Light surrounds me
Still I grope in the dark

Heal me with your words
Embrace me with your heart
My heart will hear your call
I will get up
no matter how many times I fall .

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