Koi, koi, koi… the knock came again

Light yet piercing

A dispensable knock

All nerves of me could discern the footsteps

Habitually, it has adroitly licensed itself

Like a malignant lump sheltered in the epidermis

Survived a countless apoptosis

Launching itself as the Upper Volt’s *dumsor

Indeed, an alter ego

It had saved me the great task of success

And wrapped me against the maniac of freedom

Nay friend, not today

My knobs will not turn to welcome you today

My hand may play the Judas Iscariot on the morrow

Just, not today

My name has been called

To the stage of fame

Where I get to bury my shame

Woe, my arse warmth will not forsake the bench

The louder the name, the fiercer the knock

It is now or never

Says the icy eyes on me

Now you would do as Mandiba did

*Robben, Pollmoor , Vester to Glory

Or forever a corny

Yes, I will do as Mandiba did

Robben, Pollmoor , Vester to Glory

Shaky steps yonder to steadiness

Steps and Knock gets inverse

Steadier and  fainter

I made it to the stage

The majestic moments like a mirage

In the moment, it was dawn

For a wafer of knock, moments unlocked

*Dumsor: A twi word, meaning on and off, use to describe power outage in Ghana

*Robben, Pollmoor , Vester: The three prisons Mandela was kept before South Africa’s freedom

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