Eyes Beyond

Eyes Beyond

I was asked what is the greatest organ of the body, and i said “The Eyes”. They said the eyes are not the greatest organ, and i said..

If i could see beyond, my imaginations shall be my past, transforming me to a height as that of an eagle with golden wings seeking for prey.

If i could see beyond, my questions will be my amswers, they shall bring me words from the end to the beginning of the future prime.

If i could see beyond, my thoughts shall be my worst enemy, i shall strengthen up and take rage to my weakness.

If i could see beyond, the world will revolve around my palms, for i shall be an icon to be imitated by the flaws of this world.

If could see beyond, my strength shall be reserved to battle my past, for it is my arc enemy to freedom.

If i could see beyond, i would tell you what the future look like, for it is the destiny why we live to please.

If i could see beyond, i would be leaving in the future, silencing the present from my presence.

If i could see beyond, i would do so much more than highlighted without any effect of guilt to curious heart.

I wish i could see beyond, so i would live like i never existed.

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